Duct Tape is useless as are other skills

What is the point in firing a grenade, when I can remove the 2nd skill temporarily and use Big Boom Blaster to regenerate and constantly throw them? And why is Zane the less elaborate character than others? Yeah, he can kill bosses in just a few shots with the right equipment, but that doesn’t justify that many skills are bad and totally out of place. Nice work, Gearbox.
More than a month has passed, the joke is not over yet, update after update I am beginning to worry that he will remain in the same situation.
Also explain to me the sense of putting 2 skills to allow the clone and the drone to throw grenades, when I can use my own grenades. This doesn’t make sense, it’s not fair.

You must be new…although I do agree that Duct Tape Mod could use some work.

New? I would not say

Almost all but one of Zane’s skill effects were actually working and the one of the interactions that wasn’t was fixed in a hotfix.

There are several TVHM M3 builds, including 3 of mine, that do consistent 5-6 digit numbers and can clear any content in the game.

Zane is not weak just how people said Amara was weak when it turns out she’s probably the most broken character in the game.

I didn’t say that I can’t survive M3, i’m just saying that many skills need an appropriate rework.

I’m not saying surviving, I’m saying dominating.

Also there is this thread: Let's complete a respectable survey for Gearbox every skill AC and augment break down

I do not agree with most of what is being said, realizing how absurdly broken these changes would make the character, but there are some things that could be further improved.

Well, I have a contrary opinion to yours, because I believe that Zane could offer much more.

Simply put, it’s extra DPS. He doesn’t have many skills that affect grenades directly, so I would rather have a second Action Skill, since those are more flexible and with passives boosting them, and use grenades for their support effects, like breaking shields or regenerating.

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