"Duct Tape Mod" improvement idea

So the current Duct Tape Mode is working as follows (When trusting the desc.): “The first shot fired from Zane’s gun has a chance to also fire a grenade.

I think it would be a little bit better when every shot in the magazine had the chance of firing a grenade, though only 1 per magazine.

I don’t know however if it then should reset with every reload or if the cooldown should stay (8 seconds).

Whoops wrong Sub-Forum this should’ve been in Zane… good lord :smiley:

I think it’s fine how it works. Cooldown could be a second shorter. But I do have an issue about it only favoring guns with lower magazine sizes. Being able to proc it after firing 25-30 shots (or whatever the equivalent is) would be nice. That’d make it work with COV weapons (I haven’t tried it with them yet)?

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Yeah, that’d be the whole point of making it useful when using an AR/SMG. Because as of right now using a Lucians, good luck getting a proc :smiley:

I guess you could switch weapons all the time and try hard to get the procs, but that would seem a bit cheesy.

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