Dude, wtf. I just can't right now

…Boldur. What the hell. What does the word “balance” even mean to the devs? 1882 damage in 3 hits? Overshields just because you used (not hit) Boldur Dash. Self sustain. 4000k health (Although I can’t complain about someone having good gear on him, but combined with everything else it’s ridiculous). Boldur is doing more damage than Assassins and attackers right now. No one should do that much damage. Why use Rath when you could use Boldur? Why use ISIC when you can use Boldur? The biggest issue with this game is that it’s all about Meta teams and whatever. While it’s ok to want to have the proper roles filled within your team comp, it’s not ok for the only things I see to be Ambra and Kleese all day. Like wtf. “Balanced” means all characters are equally viable and useful in their role in a team. Boldur and El Dragon are prime examples of the extremes they do with nerfs and buffs. Are you guys testing this out? Why did you nerf the size of all AOE skills? I don’t play with characters affected by that and even I think it’s dumb. Just nerf the damage over time. Buff El Dragon please! I hated him before, but even I know that it’s not right to nerf him into oblivion. Buff Rath’s Ult by lowering the cooldown again. He’s an assassin, but he’s really just an okay attacker for beginners at this point (he’s your poster boy; give him some love). People are already complaining about the lack of polish in Battleborn. The screen lagging solo or co-op, the “balance” issues, the premade metas (The issue with Metas is that it gets really old really quick. Shake it up people.) I’ve been here since launch. I love Battleborn. I never left, but this game is really trying to push me away with these dumb or extreme decisions/issues left and right.

Too ranty.