Duke AND Gray BOTH have a drinking problem

(Bull Spit) #1

So, I have been enjoying the multiplayer and decided to do the campaign for a change.

I started up Duke and they get through with the bounty hunter and I walk him to the door and ALL he will do is DRINK when I click my fire button. Gray does the exact same thing.
I I have changed difficulty, started a new game, verified files and it does the same thing.

I posted here, since the Steam forums are a slaughterfest of the game.

(Damien Azreal) #2

The STEAM forums are… well… without badmouthing another community intentionally, the STEAM forums are pretty bad on almost every game.

But, in regards to your issue.
You’re saying both Duke and Grayson, doesn’t matter which version of the campaign you play, neither will shoot the door when you are prompted to do so?
They drink.

That… kind of floors me as there’s no prompt to drink anything for a few levels in the game. Your first drink you can interact it comes later.
If I’m understanding this correctly, it sounds like a very odd issue.

(Bull Spit) #3

You are correct, they both will only drink from the bottle when I left click my mouse (fire). I forget his name, but at the start of the scene (where they are talking to the bounty hunter) he hands Gray\Duke a bottle. Then I am prompted to look around, right click and then left click.

And, the original version does the SAME thing. I loaded it up to see if I was missing something and I get the same results.

(Damien Azreal) #4

Yeah, he hands Grayson the bottle, which Grayson drinks on his own without any prompts from the player. Then, when Grayson is handed the gun… you are prompted to aim, and then fire at the bounty hunter.

It’s very strange that you are only getting the reaction of them drinking instead of firing the gun.

(Influencer Guy) #5

Thanks for flagging this to us, @BullSpit. Would it be possible to have you go to support.gearboxsoftware.com and submit a support ticket? I know our team will benefit greatly from being able to chat with you a little more in depth about this.

Let me know if you have any questions!

(Bull Spit) #6

ALL of the details of the problem are posted above.
After disposing of the bounty hunter and I am able to walk\control Duke\Gray, and the controls are hit on by the other guy, I am NOT able to fire at the control console. ALL left clicking does is make Duke\Gray drink from the bottle.
Nothing else.


(Influencer Guy) #7

If you submit a ticket, we can get this into our system and keep you updated on the progress of the issue.

(GAR) #9

Yes, but Duke isn’t a “sloppy/fall down/staggering” drunk. He’s not a Sophmore… Although, he sure acts like one as of late.