Duke Nukem 3D Anniversary Edition for Vita?

(Wit) #1

They told Duke Nukem was going to return back to the Vita later this year,
But after the announcement of the new Duke Nukem remaster, I saw no mention about the Vita anywhere.
When is this version or the Megaton edition coming back to the Vita?
I srsly need some Duke on the go!

(Aaronmace) #2

I really hope Duke comes back to Vita.

(Wit) #3

“As for when fans can expect to see Duke Nukem 3D back as a digital sale, we have plans to bring the game back this year.”

So I’ll guess we’ll just have to wait… it will come back… right?..

(Toxicville) #4

It seriously needs to return on the vita!
It’s one of the reasons I bought my Vita, to play Duke on the go!
And it’s already made and everything, so it shouldn’t be too big of a hassle to put it back on the psn store!

(Francomaggiori) #5

Personally, I coulnd.t care less of Borderland and other crap titles: I will be carefully boycotting any Gearbox title until the promise to bring back Duke Nukem to the PS Vita is kept.

(Wit) #6

Same here, don’t care too much about their other games for the moment.
Previously I thought it was due some licensing issues they had with Richard Gobeille or 3D Realm.
But I recently read that all of that has been resolved and the fact they’re releasing this new "enhanced"
version of the game proves that point…

So what’s keeping them from re-releasing this for the Vita…?
I seriously have no idea…

(Francomaggiori) #7

Gearbox’s strategy to exterminate any trace of Duke Nukem from any gaming platform (after paying for the legal rights) would make sense only if they (hopefully) want to clean the way to prepare for the launch of brand new Duke titles on any gaming platform. My concern however is that if the sales of the new title for PS4 are poor, they may decide to cancel any other Duke project, and if so the PS Vita is likely to be affected. I want to be optimistic and keep hoping that this will not happen, but obviously like others right now I don’t have much symphaty for Gearbox…

(Ben Rasenberg) #8

Having Duke on my Vita would be awesome on the go :smiley: Really hope this happens!

(Damien Azreal) #9

Buying the Duke IP, then the following lawsuits around the IP… it would be an incredibly foolish and bad business move to purchase such an IP only to never make use of it with new titles.

Also, they paid for the rights for DNF and all new Duke Nukem games moving forward after DNF’s release.
They had no claim on the original DN titles until the new 3DR and Interceptor violated copyright laws and attempted to make a new Duke Nukem game.
Making a new DN game fell into copyright infringement and so, GBX filed suit to protect their investment. Now, because of that lawsuit GBX are the complete owners of the DN IP and 3DR have no claim to the character, past, present or future.

Duke titles such as Megaton Edition and such getting removed from STEAM were because of the settlement of the lawsuit. With GBX now the owners of the IP, previous releases (such as Megaton) were filed under 3DR were no longer valid and had to be removed.
It’s not GBX trying to “screw” people over as some try and claim. It’s all a matter of legality.

And, GBX have already commented that they have plans in place for the next Duke Nukem title and, as of last year, were shopping around for a studio to hire to develop their first Duke Nukem title.
And, a few recent rumors have pointed some fingers towards a key studio (which I won’t name here).

(Zergosspb) #10

It double sucks for Duke fans in Russia, as the vita megaton edition never even showed up here, nor in Germany, as far as i know.

And just when i wanted to change the region to purchase duke, it got pulled from psn by gearbox, jees. Talking about misfortune.

Anyway, duke and vita are like bread and butter, and i really want to see it on psvita again. I really hope that gearbox pulled down megaton edition for a reason, so that 20th anniversary edition will show up there instead.

As far as i understand, the 20th anniversary isn’t really a powerhouse when it comes to system requirments and it surely can run well on vita in its “classic” mode.

I really, really hope that gearbox will rerelease duke on vita, otherwise, it would just seem cruel to rob psvita/ps3 owners of duke.

Let people have their duke on the go, goddamit!

(Zergosspb) #11

Does anybody know if gearbox actually read/reply on these forums? I checked all other topics on this game and not a single reply to any of them in a month. Could’ve at least said “no comment” or something.

(Wit) #12

Damn, that sucks indeed… :I
That’s the problem with having digital only releases…
They can pull this from store and there wouldn’t be any other option (except piracy, yar har har…) to get it.
How long was it on there? About a year I think, not 1 month more… Wow…
“C’mon guys, buy our games fast or you’ll never see them again.”

The way they’re handling this series right now, seems like a terribly bad PR move to me.
Removing it from all stores, to release it only back again on the three biggest platforms and
letting all the other audiences in the dark, who previously had previously been promised the game on that platform.

(Zergosspb) #13

I think it was released 07/01/2015, and pulled from stores on 16/02/2016, so yeah it lived for a little more than a year. Poor baby.

(Wit) #14

In two days, we’ll see if they’re flipping the bird at all Duke audiences except for xbox, ps4 and steam players.
I can’t wait… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Zergosspb) #15

Crossing the fingers :grin:

(Francomaggiori) #16

O.K., I understand the legal situation, from Gearbox’s point of view. However, the fact for the community is that if it wasn’t for Gearbox we would now have Duke versions for PS Vita and Android, whareas, thanks to them these have disappeared from the scene, and for the moment there are no immediate plans to release anything. My concern is that Gearbox may focus only on other platforms, and in the end nothing will get released for PS Vita and Android. I don’t understand why Gearbox cannot simply buy the rights for Megaton Edition, change something and re-release it under new name or logo, as required. Anyway, let’s see if something comes out. Meanwhile, I will personally keep boycotting Gearbox.

(Wit) #17

Congratulations on the great port, guys!!
You’re really steering this series in a fantastic direction!
Keep up the good work!

Also, top work on keeping an excellent relation with your series existing fanbase!
I love the whole “giving what the people want” vibe you guys got going here!


(Zergosspb) #18

Good points, man. But i think they couldn’t care less, as i doubt they even read these forums. You can say a lot of bad things about 3d realms, but at least they kept in touch with their fanbase. Joe Siegler would reply to all legit questions and sometimes even lead developers would come down to chat. These forums exist only for us to whine in a vacuum. I loved gearbox in the days of Half-Life: Opposing force/ brothers in arms, and i’ve got to admit, i was at first very hopeful when they ressurected DNF. But now there hardly is a company that i pity more.

(Wit) #19

Hey, for anyone who wants this game really bad and will go through an extra effort for getting this game:

  • If you go to the Hong Kong version of the PS Store, you can still buy the Megaton version of the game there! But you’ll need to make a PSN account of that region!
    I just did and it worked perfectly!

I know I’m placing this on the gearbox forums but I’m just curious if they even listen to our posts, they’ve done a splendid job ignoring us so far…

It would be really funny if they went like “OH NOES, GUYS!! WE MISSED A OPPERTUNITY TO GET THEIR MONEYZ!!!” and also remove that release…

(Zergosspb) #20

Wow! That is very useful and happy info!
Could you share your experience on installing it to your psvita? Did you use the second memory card just to format your vita to another region and install duke? Do you think there is a way, to install duke from one account, then log into another and still keep it?