Duke Nukem 3D Review SPOILERS

Ok, there aren’t that many… Actually there aren’t ANY positive things being said here.
Let me fix that.

Ok so I won’t really say much about the first four episodes because well nothing really needs to be said, they are still amazing, although I will mention that the new graphically boost is phenomenal, I LOVE it. It’s still faithful and looks damn good.

Now with that out of the way, I will say the new episode is more than worth 20 bones by itself. I don’t understand people’s thought process of “why isn’t it free?” Really now?.. They hire the original level designers, the music composer AND Jon St. john! Do people think that’s cheap?

These new levels feel right at home, they even did something I TOTALLY didn’t expect and it was amazing, They had a Serious Sam easter egg like how they did it with doom guy, luke and others! He even says a funny one liner to boot!

Anyways, I hope people will give this a shot it’s amazing, also unlike a few people who mentioned it I had absolutely lag or frame rate problems but I also have it installed on my internal hard drive so there’s that.

Here’s hoping that they make even more Duke 3D episodes, Hell I want this to kick off a new motion of making new stuff for older games, doom 1 and 2 and even 3 I’m looking at you! With how well megaman 9 and 10 did and the reveal of sonic mania there is hope to be had!

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Yeah, this part of the forums is quiet.
As for reviews, everyone can be a critic, because no one is perfect, thus, if one looks hard enough one will find fault.
I like the new songs by Lee Jackson and the fact that I can play my old favorite maps with the revised edition.
The new maps from the original masters, Mr. Gray and Mr. Blum, are well done. The new actor, Firefly, also stands out.

New episodes? Good idea. But this is 2016.
Fix up the sounds, lighting and shaders, then why not, and do some beta testing about the game play. Even the best map need a second/third look and play through. :slight_smile: