Duke Nukem 5 please

(PsychoGoatee bets on Duke) #1

Let’s get that made Randy, you know it would do well with the success of DOOM 2016 and it’s upcoming sequel. It would be excellent! Unleash the Duke!

(Redxplatinum) #2

Although DOOM 2016 was a success, I didn’t enjoy it all that much. If I were to pinpoint something I think it would be the shop and objective marker. The need to upgrade weapons turned me off. And they made the map so big it would be hell to navigate without it. Older fps were open yet obviously enough that the objective marker wasn’t needed.

I think Gearbox can do it. Gearbox created some good expansions for Half-Life. I know, Half-life isn’t Duke Nukem 3D, but I would rather have Duke Nukem have a good linear adventure while still having community made maps, something like DOOM’s snapmap. Duke’s character may have to be revamped as well, but we got a feel on how that would look like in the Duke Nukem Tour DLC in Bulletstorm.

(Damien Azreal) #3

Might I ask, what shop are you talking about?
There is an upgrade system in place in DOOM, but, there’s no shop. And, DOOM is a linear, level to level based game.
The maps are not overly large either, well designed and more complicated then other linear games… but…

(Redxplatinum) #4

Yeah the upgrade system is what I meant. I guess I could’ve called it a workbench. I’m not sure if the maps are well designed if you can’t navigate them without the objective marker. Then again, I’m told that DOOM’s design is based on the placement of the enemies and has a major focus on combat more than anything. In that case, I guess it well designed for what it does.

In truth, I don’t like fps that focus too much on combat; like DOOM and Serious Sam. So if Gearbox ever releases a brand new Duke game, I really hope it’s not like DOOM. Maybe a something like Duke Nukem Forever but more polished and better. Like I said, I would like a good linear adventure with Duke while still having community made maps so they could make the combat fueled arenas.

(Damien Azreal) #5

The level design in the new DOOM is more in line with the originals.
And personally, I found it to be great. Linear, but with plenty of room to explore, paths to go in and around… and of course, fantastic combat.

(Dr Ivan Radosivic) #6

Interactivity with the Environment would be great.