Duke Nukem appearing in Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan

(GBX.Rika) #1

Well its been a little while since I’ve posted on the forums… but popping back in to share something that’s just been announced. We’ve been working with Insel Games to allow them to include Duke Nukem as a playable character in Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan. They haven’t announced a ton of Duke-specific details yet, but there will be more coming soon.

Aside from my employment at Gearbox, I also happen to be a big Duke Nukem fan personally, so I’m excited to see the world get more Duke both personally and professionally. :wink:

Their announcement is here: https://www.facebook.com/WildBusterHoT/photos/a.1465226336893607.1073741829.1457340687682172/1483126155103625/?type=3&theater

(Also btw - I’ve changed jobs since I last posted - so if you knew me as being in Marketing previously… I’m now in Licensing, full disclosure!)