Duke Nukem... the future?

A thread we kind of had going on the old forums.

But, what do you think Duke Nukem should be in the next Gearbox developed title?
Should it be a sequel, reboot… re-imagining…

Please post any ideas, thoughts, dreams anyone may have about where Duke may or (as some may see it) should head in the future.
But, as always, keep it civil. No insults, no blasting another user if you dislike their “vision”. :slight_smile:
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I wouldnt mind old games remastered :). Not so sure about 3rd person spinoffs, although Ive liked Time To Kill.

Duke and Doom et. al. were great for what they were and I’d love to see either come back with the same gameplay as the originals. I enjoyed DNF way more than I thought I would but I had zero interest in replaying it much less spending thousands of hours on it like I did the original.

It depends. I didn’t totally like the premise of DNF because it made the Dukester into a total douche-king and made him insufferably famous. Plus the annoying ‘supposed to be funny’ NCP’s and bad sexual humor only added to that unpleasantness, so if they get rid of those things it’s already starting on the improvement.

I think after that stuff I mentioned, I want to see them try a different direction with the aliens (if they go with them.) Instead of trying to target the earth or the women right away, why not go for Duke first? What always mystified me was the aliens would promptly mutate police officers and EDF, even mutating the rare civilian, but never doing the same thing to Duke even as he is the biggest threat. It would be a theme that instead of just death as a game over, they’d mutate Duke if they have a chance. Reason I mention this is that in the old Wolfenstein3D game, one neat part was when you had to face off against the Doctor, and the needles that he liked to throw at you contained a serum that could turn you into a zombie if you were hit by them too much. You didn’t ‘die’ as much as turn into another zombie minion. Maybe mutation would work well as another ‘game over’ scenario for Duke? I don’t see it done much, but it would be kinda different.

I don’t know if I’d want a reboot or a sequel, I’d rather they just put out another game and try to do something deeper. One thing I’d love to see is Duke helping with the aftermath of the 2 post-invasion cities, and doing whatever he could do to help in that situation. The leftover aliens and pigcops don’t just disappear once Duke takes down the main keystone to the aliens’ invasion, so I’d like to see what happens to them. Do they remain a threat? Do they run and hide? Does the government try to ‘rehabilitate’ the mutants back into normal society, having been aware that they were mutated people? Stuff like this is interesting to me, but gets woefully unexplored and leaves the ‘world’ feeling shallow and dull. if Duke showed that, (like through clips or newscasts that you happened to find) that would make me quite happy, since it fills out the world a little bit.

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I’ve had an idea in my head for quite a while, and you’ll have to followe me on this one.
(Note: I have not thought of every detail, just a general thought about how the games will go.)

First off, it is a game Duology. Consisting of two games, the series covers the initial invasion of a brand new alien civilization (ie, not pig cops and Cyloid Emperors) and Duke’s subsequent fight against them.

The gameplay would be rather similar to the Deus Ex series, in that there are RPG elements in how to proceed, giving you multiple possible paths to your objective. Each individual area would be open to explore as you desire, but the story would still progress linearly. So it would not be a true “open world” game, but as you progress from area to area, each individual one is open to explore.

The camera should always be first person, never leaving Duke’s perspective even during scripted events.

Weapons available would contain a couple more iconic weapons, such as the shotgun and maybe the freeze ray, but weapons such as the pistol, the assault rifle, and anything “sci-fi-ish” should be redesigned, or completely new. I believe a four weapon inventory will be sufficient, and of course, you can pick up and switch out weapons that are dropped or found at your discresion. There obviously wouldn’t only be four weapons in the entire game. Other items, such as medpacks and the like will be available for pick up and use as well.

Duke himself needs to become cool again. Think the original Robocop. He’s satirical and over the top, but he’s not dumb or goofy (the way Duke Nukem Forever came across as… or Robocop 3). You can still take the film seriously to some degree, and it’s remains “cool.”

Additionaly, if I had my way, Duke’s name would not actually be in the titles.

I’ll start with game one: Rise of the Jade Star Empire
In this first installment, the “Jade Star Empire” arrives at Earth and begins it’s invasion in typical fashion. There ships descend from the sky, they hover over the White House, such and such forth. Duke is not the “celebrity” he is in DNF. But he is the government’s go-to man. He’s called in to stop various incursions around the world while trying to figure out if there is a specific reason for the invasion. Bombshell will make her debut as an international black operative and as Duke’s partner for several levels, aiding Duke in his missions, as well as going off to perform on her own. Each level will take place in various cities around the world, giving way to having diverse level design. From New York City to Paris to Bombay to Alaska. Anywhere that would make for interesting or fun location and design.
At the conclusion of the first game, scientist will have developed a way to travel to the aliens’ homeworld through some sort of warpgate/stargate device, which Duke will travel through. Bombshell will not follow at first, she is busy on Earth.
Roll credits.

On to the second game: “Fall of the Jade Star Empire”
Duke arrives on the alien homeworld and begins his way to the capitol tower in the capitol city of the planet. Like on Earth, each level will be an open area to explore. These levels can take Duke all around the planet before he arrives at his final destination. Indigenous alien creatures can be introduced, as well as a closer look at alien society. Duke could develop a love interest, or at least a general “Bond girl” archetype to accompany him throughout the story. In later levels, the scientists will have found a way to send larger groups of personnel through the stargate safely, and Duke will be joined by Bombshell and groups of Earth military. Duke will make it to the top of the capitol tower and have a “talk” with Jade Star Emperor. This scene will be sort of similar to that of the meeting with Dr. Breen in Half-Life 2 or Andrew Ryan in BioShock. Both the Emperor and Duke will discuss/argue the reasons for the invasion (which is no more complicated than simple expansion) and the atrocities both parties have committed against each others’ people. Despite anything the Emperor says, Duke will execute him and align all nuclear missiles under the Emperor’s direct command to launch at major points on the planet. The missiles will launch and Duke will have to escape with Bombshell and the surviving Earth military to the stargate. He will try to take the “Bond girl” with him back to Earth, but she is obviously furious and distraught that Duke has elected to destroy her world, and stays behind to watch the apocalypse. Duke and company will arrive at the stargate to find that it malfunctioned and only a handful of Earth military are able to make it through before the portal collapses. Duke and Bombshell are left behind with another handful of Earth military. They then fight their way to a spacecraft nearby to escape the planet. Here may be the final boss fight against some recurring enemy (possibly an alien colonel or general he has crossed multiple times). Duke will defeat the enemy forces and make aboard the spacecraft and take off just as the missiles begin to hit their targets around the planet. As the craft makes it into space, Duke and Bombshell watch the devastation of the alien planet. Bombshell will if he should have done that to the world or if was the right thing, to which Duke will not answer. He will back down in silence, light a cigar, and contemplate his actions as they sale into space.
Roll credits

As you might have guessed, I’ve put more thought into how the story should mostly go then I have about the general gameplay or level locations. As far as those are concerned, I truly believe taking a page (or several) from Deus Ex’s book is the best way to build the game. But I especially believe the story is where the next Duke Nukem game needs to be the strongest. If there is one thing that people complained about, disliked, or outright detested from Duke Nukem Forever, it was the character of Duke and the game’s story (or lack thereof).

But that’s my dream Duke Nukem game. I should learn how code and model and such. If I started now, I could have this game done in… about 14 years.

this is a test reply to post on this forum. BUT… I hope Gearbox does something for the future of Duke Nukem, there was supposed to be a movie but that never fell in…I wouldnt mind if Gearbox and 3D realms teamed up to help on on the new project (and settle any differrences) or maybe 3dRealms can raise the funds to return the IP…well anyways…lets partee lets see whut,…

Considering the current 3DRealms isn’t the same people who made Duke what he was, I would rather he stay at Gearbox.
The majority of the people who worked on DN3D and DNF actually work at GBX now, best to have the IP with the people who actually know him.

And, personally, I’m glad a Duke movie never happened. Just another video game character that never needs to be anything other then an awesome video game character.

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Truth. There’s no reason for any video game movies.

I say just make a damn good, really fun inventive Duke Nukem FPS. It’ll be awesome.

We don’t need to get bogged down in a new origin story or anything, but they also don’t need to worry to much about continuity. So ideally not a “Duke Begins” kind of thing, but it can do it’s own thing and not worry about Duke running for President or being a big celeb or whatnot if they want. Just make it groovy.

I personally think the best chance of keeping Duke alive is to either:

A: Faithfully remake 3D in regards to gameplay and general light-heartedness, but, of course, using modern tech and engines etc. to make it accessible to a new audience, while trying as much as possible to preserve the element of nostalgia for the original fanbase. (easier said than done)


B: Do as PsychoGoatee1 suggested and try to push forward with light-hearted, fun, inventive Duke FPS. Possibly taking suggestions from long-time Duke fans as well as the newer, younger audience.

While I enjoyed Forever, there is a TON of negative public opinion towards Duke now that requires a major un-doing before a large chunk of gamers even consider playing anything Duke related. I vote for option A as I believe it would be the most new-user-friendly platform as well as grab veterans’ eyes, on top of the fact that the story is already written for the most part.

My $.02

B4 I start my grammer sux but ya anyways Randy P. ur tight and Duke anything is good and duke Nukem 4ever was awesome hope u and 3drealms ect. Can make dukes also the multiplayer on duke4ever was fun ■■■■ “I” think more multiplayer less story like more then 8player online more custom love ya gearbox peace

i,m sinking about full reboot!!
From begining!
Making a rebot like Batman reboot!and the geimplay OLDSCHOOL no weapon limit!!no regenerating health!!
game 1- Duke Nukem BEGINS in this game we will see how Duke become a soldier and fighter(he mast have a team)some operations to stop the Terorists( ALCAIDA!!!)))
and when this theme will be open in the first part of game! In the second part of the game we will see the maniac psicho doctor whose name is Proton!!!general Graves the head of EDF(EARTH DEFESE FORCE) call DUKE and his SPECIAL TEAM to stop the maniac! But it,s not so easy because Proton have the army of ROBOTS and Mercenary Theirs many!!
2nd game The reboot of DUKE NUKEM 3D new name- DUKE NUKEM THE INVADERS!!
There we will see the big reboot of clasic game But THE GAME WILL CHANGE this will be the war!People versus Aliens
Duke Nukem, his SPECIAL team,USA Army,Special EDF SQUAD!!!
This will be awesome!
And in the end of game we will see the epic batle like in DUKE NUKEM 3D at the stadium!
But there will be audience and when Duke will kick the Emperor cicloid ass THEY WILL SEE THAT!!

I have no problems with a reboot of the Duke Nukem franchise.
I realy liked the look of Duke in the 2007 teaser. ( teh Bruce Willis inspired Duke)

For me the pillars of a good Duke game are: Interactivity, humour and cool weapons. The Duke Character needs to be bad-ass, but during the game, his character must show a weakness that he has to overcome… Like Arnold Schwarzenegger said ''my fans like it when I get beat up, and than fight back… :slight_smile: ‘’ But it needs to be handled in a compelling story where there is a fine balance between over the top action and realism…

Also do not want to reinvent everything. Just redo the old songs of Duke3D with real instruments and fan nostalgia is assured :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I liked Saints Row 4 way more than the Duke Nukem Forever. But my game preferences are a lot closer to Borderlands or GTA now than old school FPS. Even at the time I still preferred Doom 2 to Duke Nukem. So I’m not the most hardcore Duke fan I suppose. I couldn’t even finish Duke Nukem Forever because I got too annoyed at some of the old mechanics and I didn’t want to be bothered with the remote control car stuff.

So I’d be be more into an open world city Duke Nukem, I think. But does that make it a Saints Row clone? Maybe. I’d also obviously like a Duke Nukem that was blended with Borderlands for tons of awesome loot to try and good co-op, fight for your life mechanics, world stays as is upon death/respawn. And then perhaps combine with it with an open world GTA city and I’d easily buy that.

What old mechanics? DNF went by a modern shooter formula.

Well it certainly had a bunch of modern mechanics in there too. Mainly I’m refering to how player death is handled. I’ve gotten way too used to Borderlands style, FFYL and respawning. To me that feels like evolution of gameplay. Mostly because I rarely play other shooters now.

Shooters should not use Borderlands “respawn” system.
It works in that world, because of how that game’s setting is based. But other shooters should not use such a system.

PREY used a similar system, the “Death Walking”… but it worked within the mythos of the world created in PREY.

In other shooters like Duke, Wolf… Doom… stuff like that, when you die… you should die. You should be forced to replay the area. Learn from your mistakes and redo those areas.

Well, I suppose it depends on what you’re going for. Even in Borderlands the respawn system isn’t even considered to be canon. Doom could certainly function as a fun shooter with respawn. In fact, it certainly did when you played in coop. You lost all your stuff though. Duke, Wolf and Doom should be more likely to use something like the borderlands method as they were more arcadey and fun (more recent Dooms and Wolf certainly changed in tone though). If you had said Call of Duty or Gears of War I’d say sure, they are trying to present a more serious action story. Gameplay/mechanic wise though, sometimes I just want to move through the story.

I do get what you’re saying. But I also know what I personally enjoy more.

What I’m not sure of is why when you wreck in the Mighty Boot driving sections, the game reloads you instantly to try again, but in shooting sections there are 30-40 second load screens.

Because the driving sections respawn you.
The rest of the game, when you die it takes you back to the previous checkpoint and there for needs to actually load.

And, 30-40 seconds? Are you playing on console? As the PC versions load times are insanely fast. Maybe 4 or so seconds.