Duke Nukem... the future?

I don’t understand coding, but couldn’t that system be applied to check points as well to cut the load times on consoles? Or is because of all the scripted events during the shooting sections. PC looks like the best port but I use my computer for so much stuff so I don’t think I’ll ever rig it for gaming.

Respawning like what it used in the Mighty Boot driving sections is completely different. And yeah, they could’ve applied a similar system to the rest of the game. But, it would’ve felt just… wrong.
Where as, with the driving sequences it still stands as an odd choice IMO… but, it’s just a way to keep you moving through the faster paced driving areas.

Where as in the regular shooting areas, you’re moving at a slower pace. With, as you said, scripted events… story beats, stuff like that.

Make a film and game, reflecting concepts and ideas from the first two games, simultaneously. Follow it up with a bigger film reflecting concepts and ideas from Duke Nukem 3D, along with a game to tie in with THAT film as well.

There WAS a time when movies and games came out about the same time, unfortunately most of the games were nothing like the film. It would be appropriate to release a tie in game along with a Feature film.

[concept trailer #1 ]

[concept trailer#2]

Reboots are all the rage nowadays.
I would really like a ‘remaster’ of Duke3d in a good engine (maybe Crytek engine? get away from frikin Unreal Engine already, everything looks and plays the same in that engine).
I wouldnt say no to a reboot though. Tomb Raider 2013 was a very good reboot.

I just hope its fast paced with mature-ish humor this time, and not potty humor.

Well, you must have info that I dont, and I worked on Duke Reloaded.
I can say you have almost everything wrong, but cant say anything else.

Ok. I am obviously wrong. I wrote that from memory in between busy periods at work and since fact checked it and it seems I was too down on Randy. Seems to be legal issues involved but the bottom line remains the same. This remake was better than DNF and therefore Randy couldn’t take a knock like that since DNF bombed on his label. So he would rather the game wasn’t seen. Anyway you got a green light to complete it but I see why the team didn’t want to continue work on it: Randy didn’t want you to and co-erced you to make bombshell instead. You should said ok Randy, continued to make Bombshell but put together a demo (full episode) to gather momentum and community help instead of letting the curse live on.

Here’s a hint: fact check before posting.

Here’s another: read forum rules before posting.

You’ve still got a lot of your “facts” wrong. From Interceptor and GBX’s relationship on the DN3D: Reloaded. To Bombshell… to… well, almost all of it.

Yeah the almost being the point

So what’s happening with it? Anything?

This forum works well on my phone

Gearbox haven’t made any announcements.
So, until they do… there’s nothing to really discuss.


From Wikipedia:-

Schreiber spoke out on the delay in 2013, stating in an interview published in the July issue of the Danish video-game magazine, gameplay, that it was a direct result of Duke Nukem Forever’s disappointing reception. He elaborated, "The problem was that Reloaded, in its then present state, was both a prettier and better game than Forever was. So they [Gearbox] could under no circumstances allow us [Interceptor] to publish it, show it, or do anything at all with it, because it would destroy the sales-opportunities they had left in Forever.

So with that off my chest… Randy just release it. People will buy it you’ll get your 30 pieces of silver. Also that horrible new Duke is not Duke. This is the reason the game didn’t do as well as you hoped cos you released it with a different Duke like a new actor in a movie series instead of your hero is jarring. I am grateful that you indeed did release DNF and did a great job of helping out where you could. Please when you build up enough courage to release it, dig a little deeper and allow the real Duke to be in DN:Reloaded. You are man enough Randy! Please bear that in mind, so what if he is a little older looking its actually Duke.

Best Wishes,

Jonny Mayer

9 months later…
I had completely forgotten about this. And even now… find it hard to even really care.

But, yeah… I’ve seen that as well.
And I’ve also seen Fred first hand tell people on multiple forums to stop blaming Gearbox, that it was his decision to stop work on the project.
And even so… why does it even matter?

I know people have romanticized the DN3D: Reloaded project to amazing places. But, look at how Rise of the Triad turned out. And that was a paid and funded project. Buggy, unpolished… horribly rough and basically unfinished in a lot of ways.
And nobody would ever be mistaken to consider it a great looking UE3 title.
Yet, people are supposed to believe that DN3D:R was so amazing GBX wouldn’t let them release it… out of fear for DNF’s reception.

That makes no sense.
Mostly because… even if DN3D:R had come out, it was not and would not replace DNF for fans. People were not going to just decide “14 years… pfft, I got this free mod now, that’s good enough”.

It’s definitely a matter of opinion and perspective.
But, really, as someone who’s been moderating Duke forums for longer then I’d care to admit… just let it go. The past is the past. And it’s pointless to hold on to it and claim “Well, they said it’d be this great”…
I don’t want Duke’s next title to be some old project, dusted off and pulled from the shelf. I want a new, fresh title… original and unique.
I want Duke’s next game. Not a remake of a classic, or an old nostalgia fueled idea of what a project could have been.

Thank you for the swift reply Damien. I was never a fan of Rise of the Triad, too much jumping. I did buy the remake and thought it was a slight improvement mainly due to the updated game engine and graphics.

I recognise your username, did you used to post at duke4.net?

You mentioned a new Duke game. Have Gearbox announced a new Duke game? Whatever happened to Duke Begins? I hope they include an option to turn off the glowing enemy highlight on Bulletstorm remaster.

Here’s a secret for Gearbox. If Gearbox are building a new Duke game, they should test the movement at the same speed as Duke 3D (faster than Doom 2016). Also rip off the GHOUL system (from SoF2). No need to reply to this as you have answered my previous questions if you are busy.

I did post at Duke4.net for a little while… but, ultimately not very long.
I was a long running user/Moderator on the old (and new) 3DRealms forums, plus was a moderator on the FEAR 3 forums and a big member of the FEAR 2 forums.

Duke Begins never went into actual development.
When that project was outed because of the lawsuit between 3DR and TakeTwo, GBX were only in a conceptual phase. Planning, design… trying to build an idea.
As of now, GBX (Randy) have commented a few times about the next Duke game. Randy making comments along the lines of having an idea ready, a story ready… and most recently, looking for a talented studio to hire to develop the project.
The current rumors are that People Can Fly are possibly that studio.
With the recent partnership of GBX publishing PCF’s newest project, the BulletStorm Full Clip Edition (yes, developed by PCF… GBX have done no work on this), but a new Duke game is in the works.

Personally, and… I LOVE the newest DOOM. That game is absolutely brilliant. But, I don’t really think a Duke game should be exactly that fast. Definitely a strong, action heavy, combat fueled game. But… not blazing speed type shooter. I don’t play Duke to get a twitch (Serious Sam) feeling game.
But, I would love a combat focus in the next Duke game like how the new DOOM focused entirely on combat.
And, personally, I would like to see a more serious Duke game. Less focus on humor. Let any comedy that comes be from the odd reference, or sarcastic black humor. But, don’t try to make it funny after funny after funny.

That was one of DNF’s big issues IMO. It took an element of DN3D that was window dressing (comedy), really a small part of the game. And made it into a larger part of the sequel.

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There are a few things that I’d like to see in the next Duke Nukem game, which I think would help revitalize the franchise.

I’ll share my ideas, if you’re interested in reading about them.

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I was thinking remastered all the console Duke Nukem games and release it on Xbox one, PS4, PC.

but that’s just what i think.

They could do that in the mean time, while they work on the new Duke game.

Duke Nukem: Zero Hour would probably be the easiest to port to the pc, since it had shooter controls and could be played in the first person view.

I get why people want remasters, I do, but… I’d rather see that effort put into a new title.
I mean, I love (absolutely LOVE) Zero Hour… I still have my N64 hooked up just for it. But, I’d rather have Duke 5 announced then hear that a remaster/re-release/re-edition of an old game is gonna be released.

Just me.