Dumb Anointment Question

I read somewhere that critical damage is multiplicative (which means it stacks on top of all of your damage), while the 100% STNL cryo bonus adds to just your gun (I think)…

If that’s true, does that mean barrier crits anointments (70% now) are more powerful than having 100% STNL cryo damage on, for example, a Maggie, if you’re hitting headshots?

Elemental damage and crit are both multiplicative to base damage. Crit comes right after elemental damage in the damage formula.

You want to have as even a spread of multipliers as possible, barring exceptions like ricochet guns with extra elements. Stnl cryo literally doubles your damage (+100%) which will, by extension, just about double your crit damage. Adding 70% crit only adds 70% to critical hits only.

Generally speaking, 9/10 Sntl cryo will probably be better.


Interesting, I didn’t know about elemental damage being multiplicative…knowing is half the battle :muscle: :dukecigar:

Thank you for fast reply

Lemme chime in on this one with another question about bonus elemenal dmg like sntnl cryo.

How is it calculated regarding elemental weaknesses?
From base damage, dealt damage and does the bonus cryo also get increased/decreased based on elemental weakness?

So for example lets say i have a corrosive gun with 100% sntnl cryo that deals 100 dmg.
Shooting an armored enemy the gun deals 175 dmg.
Does the cryo deal
a) 100, from Base and no element multiplayer
b) 150, from Base with multiplier
c) 175 from dealt and no multiplier
d) 262,5 from dealt with multiplier

It’s scales of base damage.
So you’ll see two numbers 175 and 150 for a scenario in wich a base corro gun has 100 base damage.

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100 sntl cryo is tough to beat.

As people have said it doubles your damage ( youll see two numbers next to a hit, one your damage, second the cryo)

The only cases where 130 swap or other annointments are preferable is when you are facing cryo resistant enemies or you want to maximize the elemental damage of your gun.

I actually prefer 130 swap on some shock weapons when Im trying to strip shields fast before switching to another gun.

Is it fixed now and works every time you swap? Also is the dmg boost correct?

I didnt know it was bugged.