Dumb effect of bl3

seriously do you play your own damn game in M3
rocket spam create stupid motion blur and screen shake that can’t be disabled in option
cryo rocket spam make a white screen block the screen
tone of particle effect flashy things murdering my eyes and cpu (not my GPU)
those dump effect from bl2 , there is no improvement on bl3
you really thing you make a good graphic? seriously

buying this game seem i am the beta player, whole game unstable fps, non test mayhem mode, dumb effect


For what it’s worth, I’ve found that fighting from a considerable distance with sniper weapons or with long-range scopes can really help limit visual effect issues. Obviously in close combat it can get ridiculous…


If you keep moving, most of those rockets miss. This is from someone who plays Mayhem Mode 3 exclusively now.

The graphics are a big improvement from 2. Just ran my buddy through 2. 3 is 10 times cleaner.

Since last hotfix it has gotten way better.

I’ll agree in SS it can be…much.

Encountered two anoited militands and three Bada$$es with rocket launchers at the same time the other day (PS4)… went to FFYL in seconds but that wasn’t the bad part, the moment I went down, my FPS went with me and dipped to maybe 5 from all the explosions! I couldn’t see, move or shoot… Real fun!

I’ve not had any of the issues with rocket spam the OP is describing. However I also very rarely get hit by rockets so that might be why?

the rocket does not need to hit you ,
even you take no damage just close to some cover, screen shake , motion blur

i can due with the difficulties, play with fl4k , clear every mission in m3 in true vault hunter
now playing with zane, every time you make me blind and i got killed, screw you

in bl2 you still can try digging for some mod or .ini to see if you can reduce particle something
(remember Flame of Firehawk effect + krieg melee)
new engine , awesome . like the old game , no option to tune down the damn effect

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