Dumb Missile Addition

As requested here.

I am writing up a little request to the Gearbox team.

In my mod Bulletmod, located here


I use missiles in place of every “bullet” weapon in the game with those missiles having their maneuvering and target picking options set to 0. However It has occurred to us that this likely does not the game engine from running these calculations even if they are ultimately impactless.

It was suggested that, if possible, we would benefit from Gearbox developers adding a gutted missile type to the game engine, functionally identical to current missiles but without any of the maneuvering script.

From a layman’s perspective I feel this should be relatively easy compared to a lot of other options but without having the code in front of me I could never say. That said another way to accomplish this may be to add a switch that when say the rotation thrust is set to 0 it skips the block of code that usually handles it.

Either way the mod community would greatly benefit from this small option and we thank you guys at Gearbox for considering it.


Or just directly bullets that don’t use the accuracy system, which would simplify the problem even further by reducing the amount of missile files to load.

I’d probably be better if we didn’t replace an ugly hack with another ugly hack.

It’d be more of a slimmer, slightly less ugly hack really if they can ‘slim down’ the missile script for us (sounds like a very easy quick thing that will make a big difference)

But if GBX has something they can put together for us that’s even better, by all means!

Preferable sure, but I’m swinging low on purpose. In theory copying existing code into a new series of flags and gutting the unnecessary parts or even just adding a “check zero” segment to the existing missile structure would vastly simplify things.

That said I haven’t had any performance issues with it as it is, this is mostly a formal request on the communities behalf, I personally am content with the current solution used in Bulletmod, however an improved system for instant hit weapons would be very appreciated.

Yes please. We’re also planning to use this trick at the Rebirth mod.