Dumb Montana Question

I’ve searched and can’t find an answer to the question:

What is Montana’s secondary (right-click) attack?

When I use it in-game, it apparently just makes the gun spin up??? Is it doing something that I just haven’t noticed?

Does it serve any other purpose?

all it is is preparing to attack, it allows you to start shooting without waiting for the windup if you don’t take the no spin up time augment.

It’s pretty much useless, just ignore it. I’ve heard some people think it’s good, but I doubt it.

It isn’t because his spinup speed isn’t that long and spinning the gun causes him to move slower. I’ll sometimes use it when I’m getting into position, but I rarely do it even then.

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It can save you a choice on your skill tree.

I always use the alternate fire right before entering combat that way I never need to choose the “no spin-up” option.

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