Dumb question, but

why are there two different shades of gold rarities? are the darker shaded ones better? for example… 56%20AM and 47%20AM are two different shades!

The darker colors mean the guns have better parts. It’s more complicated than that, but that’s the basic reason


Like original BL1 there’s actually three grades of legendaries:



Well if you look HERE you’ll find lot’s of useful info about guns in Borderlands…enjoy your read!



They pretty much serve as the green/blue/purple of guns with legendary parts. The darker the orange, the better of overall parts, yeah.

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never noticed that, i never had more then two legendaries in my inventory at once lol. i dont have the best luck

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Don’t worry, these will come from so many sources that eventually you’ll amass a nice collection (and don’t forget Pearlecents). LOL I distinctly remember that 10 years ago had the exactly same question when BL1 originally came out. Thought that something was wrong with my perception :sweat_smile:

Hi Count,
I was trying to get access to your amazing work of map loot but I discover recently that your decide to cancel it and I wasn’t here to save it as you recommended and you close every topic. Is there any possibility to have access again ?
Hope you will find this bottle thrown into the sea and thx for all you have done for this community

Hi there,
thanks, but unfortunately no chance whatsoever. All O.T.D.H. Loot Maps are gone for good. Take care.

Kind of off-topic and a bit of a thread necro here. Not sure you’d get a response anyway - the question has been asked before.