Dumb question from a noobie about saving

Hi all, here’s a question from a BL newbie. I recently got Borderlands 2 and started playing it with my son. Sometimes I am playing on my own, sometimes I’m playing coop with him. Because of this, I am further along than he is, so when we play coop I let him be the host and I join, so he doesn’t miss any missions (I don’t mind doing them 2x).

Yesterday I found a weapon I wanted to keep while playing coop. Usually when I’m done with coop, I just exit the game without saving, but yesterday I decided to save so I could keep the weapon, not thinking about it.

Today when I went on solo, PS4 told me I had to choose whether to override my solo save (since it is further along in the story than the coop save). I didn’t want to lose my solo work, so I opted not to override, and lost the weapon I found during our coop mission.

Since I do both solo and coop frequently, what is the best thing to do so I can keep anything I find in both scenarios? Thanks for the help!

Hey, @betheriver

If you want to save anything at all, you should exit the game manually from the menu screen as it prompts the autosave function.

What you’ve been doing (I believe) is closing the game itself prior to doing so. If you pass by any of the little “save posts” or a “fast travel station” the game should immediately autosave your item and level progress, as well as anything other than your particular position on the map. Exiting from one zone to the next will also do this.

I also suggest you be very careful when you opt to exit the game in it’s entirety without saving. Doing so will the game is autosaving may corrupt your data. The only theoretically “manual” way of saving the game is by passing by one of these points, exiting to the main men, or switching zones.

Do you see the little vault symbol on top some times? It looks distorted as though it is on a hazy transmission. That means the game is saving.

I have been able to initiate a manual save (on the 360) by turning the BadAss ranking off then on and this creates a save. Comes in handy if your not close to a save point, and find something good, lost a couple of found items by the power going off and not having saved it in time

Thanks for the responses!

I’m still a bit confused with my choices.

If I save during the co-op, it asks me to overwrite my other save. If I do this, won’t I lose any complete missions and found loot from my solo work?

If I don’t override, thus keeping my earlier save from the solo campaign (which is what I chose today), I’ll lose the loot I got during the co-op game I was playing with my son.

I’m considering starting a new character for co-op, but I would rather not do this.

Sorry if I’m not asking clearly. I basically want all work achieved by my character in either co-op play or solo play to stay together!

Sorry. I’m slightly confused. Do you mean Cross-save?

I don’t think so. I thought cross-save meant across platforms (i.e. bringing a save from PS3 to PS4). I am playing only on PS4 (using the Handsome Collection, I probably should have posted this there).

I am just looking for my any missions completed and loot obtained in either coop or solo to show up in the other, if that makes sense.

I’ve genuinely never had the game request whether or not I save. It does so automatically, it has since BL1.

I’m a bit perplexed actually. As the overwrite should be automatic.

The best advice I can give you is to have a character to play co-op and another one to play solo. Not only will you never encounter this issue again, but you’ll get to experience 2 different characters and explore more of the game’s mechanic. If you ever get into trouble in co-op later on, you can always load your solo character (who might be further along) to get through those difficult parts, and maybe hand down good gear that is now underleveled.


Chuck one of the things I like best about you is your tendency to solve issues with the logic of; “Have you tried more Borderlands as a solution?”


Chuck80’s reply is right on the money. Try to find another character you like (for me it’s the psycho) and play that one solo. Or, make a second of your current character for solo play.

Either way, solving borderlands problems by playing more borderlands is the most logical thing you could do.

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It is literally the perfect solution.

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Thanks to all. I will play more Borderlands!

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