Dumping legendaries

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6 years late to the party, tell me about it.
Currently starting a salvador at level 31.

Do you guys just sell all the legendaries that are below your level? I see people saying rubi/unkempt harold/heart breaker are godlike weapons but now these weapons are below my level and I don’t think the bonus outweighs the low damage.

How do you guys use/find legendaries that are at your level?

If you guys do get rid of the legendaries that are lower levels, what sort of normal weapons should I look out for? I’m an all out rampage gunzerker

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Sal can do well with nearly anything depending on your build but shotguns, AR’s and pistols are a mainstay for a lot of folks. Some of us are hoarders who will put lower level gear on a mule to save for a new character. If you’re not into that just sell them to make room for the new stuff you find. As far as the finding and using goes you can try the Marcus Saves Mercenary Day dlc, aka the Loot Train- a repeatable boss fight that yields 2 huge chests with approximately 30+ pieces of gear that is always at level. Just be aware that in normal gear in most places in the game is locked to a certain level- once you finish TVHM gear falls into a plus/minus range of 2, so at level 50 you can get gear from level 48 thru level 52-53. The exception to this is any quest reward for a quest you held off on doing until you reached max level- that reward will always be at the level you accepted the quest, so if you want a level 50 Heart Breaker, wait until you reach level 50, etc…

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I’ve been stashing lower level legendaries and passing them down to the next character I’m levelling up. Since I now have all the characters I intend to have up into TVHM, I’ve started dropping then for other people.

The legendaries do indeed last fairly well in TVHM, but as @Carlton_Slayer noted they’re not really necessary for progression - just nice to have. Just test things out and use what works for your build and play-style, and don’t worry so much about the rarity.


I’ll keep them and stash them on a mule if it’s a nice version of something or a cool world drop, but if it’s basic or easily farmable like a Harold, I just sell it.

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Say that I wont start another character. What should I do with my low level moxxi’s and legendaries? Sell them? Cause my current shotties have damages in the thousands while the moxxi and legendaries are in the mere hundreds. What do you guys do when the legendaries become obsolete? Lvl 31 white is better than lvl 24 legendaries right?

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Would you consider low level legendaries that do low damage as useless? I’m currently using dual shotties for my 1+2 and dual pistols for my 3+4

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You’re playing Sal, right? I’d be tempted to keep a Moxxi weapon a little longer for off-hand use, since you’ll get the healing from it based on the damage of your main weapon. There’s no real need in TVHM though. If you’re not going to start another character, and you don’t co-op much (if at all) then I’d certainly consider selling the mission items. Either that, or look for an open game at that same low level, drop the gear, and vanish like a ninja.

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Yeah I play alone and probably not gonna start another character (I prefer fast pace shoot em up style). Probably gonna sell most of my legendaries since dual weapons both with high damage seem better than 1 strong weapon and 1 weak weapon but with a bonus.

What shotgun brand or attributes should be priority for sal? Brand? Fire rate? Damage? Magazine size?

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Top Gear for Salvador

Note - NOT presented by Clarkson, Hammond, and May


That’s rather a build-specific question.

  • For a Deputy Build ( which uses Jakobs ) you need a very specific mag size ( just enough so you have two shots before reloading ).
  • Hyperion shotguns are always great - good fire rate and accuracy - bad with Steady as She Goes though.
  • Bandit’s are nice because of their mag size and Keep Firing’s ability to fix their poor fire rate and reload.
  • Tediore can work.

To answer your general question, I never keep any gear below level 50. At that level however, you can get some great gear that may be a pain to farm but can serve many characters well into UVHM. I’m referring to quest rewards or farmable items that have a quest as a pre-requisite ( I hate the Clan Wars quest, so if I have toon that’s done it I’ll just use that toon to farm a Slagga / Maggie instead of running the quest again ).

Items that come to mind are slag weapons and the odd relic : Rubi, Fibber, Pimpernel, Slagga ( all slag ), Sheriff’s & Deputy’s Badges.

The most important bit of advice is not heeding anyone’s advice and just trying everything out! Change your gear every hour!

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Some low-lvl grenades are also very usable later on…singularities, for one example.


My Zer0 used a level 19 Quasar up to OP8 until he found a new one.

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I have a lvl 4 Bonus Package that carried Maya, and later on Gaige, all the way thru NVHM and about halfway thru TVHM before it finally ran out of oomph. It’s now on a mule for the next char that needs it.

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As I am a hoarder I hold onto them but if you’re not going to play another character sell off anything of a lower level to make room, although be aware that some weapons have hidden crit bonuses that with Sal can be taken advantage of (I’m thinking of the Lady Fist here- an 800% crit boost is great regardless of the level of the gun). You might want to check the Sal Top Gear threads for other weapons with off hand bonuses. If you’ve done the Tiny Tina dlc a low level Magic Missile is a good thing to have on hand and relics like the Sheriff’s and Deputy’s Badges can last well into the OP levels if you get one with good numbers- I had a level 28 Sheriff’s Badge that I used until I finally found a better one at OP8.

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By and large, Hyperion shotgun work really well on Sal. Most brands are good, but Jakobs require a bit of player adjustment, so I try to avoid then typically.

My general recommendation for a new player is to try everything. As long as your guns are not too underleveled, everything is good. The biggest rookie mistake I see is to get attached to powerful guns until they are WAYYYY underleveled.

You’ll figure out what’s good and what’s not so good easily.

By the time you’re done with the first playthrough, you’ll have a good grasp of what you should look for.

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I hoard too. But I try to pass on gear to new characters. What I want to keep i put on mules. Do you level up your mules bank and backpack?

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I PL all my mules to max out their bank/backpack- and I have 56 of them, nearly a third of them at TVHM…

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I put the guns in clap traps secret stash and then make a new character and then equip those guns

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i stash them for new characters, i have about 7 mules for storing items

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I have as dozens across 3 profiles. I… I’m a hoarder… (hangs head in shame)