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So there’s been a recent upswing in interest in the forum based DnD campaign I’m hoping to get off the ground, and given my recent forum rules research regarding MTG, I thought we might be ok with a general DnD discussion.

Right now this is going to be primarily used as a general talking hub about DnD (in particular 5e, but if peeps want to talk about other editions, feel free). It may evolve into an OOC thread for that play, or it may just stay general chat and a new thread will be made.

So firstly, this is the link for the planned dnd campaign. I’m the DM and I’m happy to answer any questions about moloira, the weird MTG vibe that lives with the plane, or just general 5e character creation stuff.

Or just talk about your people.

I play in 5e. The characters I’ve made and played so far-

Jonas Higgins - Human Variant Sorcerer (Wild Magic)
Brycen Halfcrown - Human Variant Cleric (previously War, now Zeal Domain)
Torrak Tornhide - Minotaur Cleric (War Domain)
Cade Rosebottom - Halfling Fighter (Cavalier Unearthed Arcana Version)
Skizzdret, the Guidless - Goblin Wizard (Artificer)


Had my first session with Cade today. The results were… wildly entertaining.

I was coming in on a Horde of the Dragon queen run that my group had been running before I started playing. Two of their characters had dropped, so they picked up me and another long time player to continue.

So without speaking to each other (or maybe even knowing each other was playing) we wound up making a… horribly hilarious party.

Cade Rosebottom
Fighter (Cavalier) who specializes in dual wielding and trip attacks

Halfling Monk (Way of the Open Fist) who specializes in multiple attacks and knocking people prone.

So we make up the front lines now. All 3 feet of us. We got to do prisoners, we did the bit where one of us gets on the others shoulders and we threw robes over us. Worst of all… we have a really good synergy. He can use his ki attacks to knock people prone, and my version of cavalier focuses a lot on trip attack for added damage and knocking prone. Basically when we’re both working over the same guy, we’re both trying to get him off his feat so the other gets advantage for 2-3 attacks. Hence my post in the pics thread.

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@Tokesy97 @FunkJunkie @nbrownlie237 @Benedict_87 @MidnightNova @Piemanlee

I wanted to give everyone an update since this is a thing I’ve been trying to put together for a year that keeps and keeps pushing back. I wanted to give a brief shakedown as why and give some ideas on some upcoming milestones.

FIrstly, I’ve tagged everyone here because I know they’re still active on the boards and/or discord and expressed interest in playing or spectating. I’m almost positive that I’m forgetting some people, so if you’re one of th epeople tagged and you can think of someone… please god let me and them know so they can see that.

Second of all, I’ve been reviewing some character sheets recently and I just want to say here on the boards that you guys are some of the most creative and thoughtful people I’ve met in my years. The “mistakes” I’m seeing are so great, because people are worried about being op and really selling their backstories even as jokes.

Seriously, you’re the best.

So, now to the weird stuff.

To those of you that don’t know, the main reason I’ve been putting this off for goddamn near a year now is that I’ve been in kind of a bad spot personally. I don’t want to force that ■■■■■■■■ down your throat because no one likes to hear another person bitch, but I had to move from my other house rather quickly, and my work situation has been tenuous at best since then due to a lot of factors. Those factors are coming to a head within the next three months, and has a chance at least to end up very poorly or pretty damn good for me. The latter is more likely as of this writing. If you don’t want to hear my personal ■■■■■■■■, I understand, so the explanation below is spoiler ed. You can skip to the end to see what that means for forum/discord based dnd that I’d be dming.

tldr: I moved out of my old house with good internet because my roomie had a drug problem and was not actively seeking help. I’ve been living with my parents since then, which was going to be a temporary arrangement, but then the company I work for had it’s contract end-date moved up. For those of you not in the know, that means the company probably wouldn’t have a job for me. Since then I’ve been living with my parents who have ■■■■■■ internet until I knew what was going to happen with my job. I’ve used that time to pay off some credit card ■■■■ and think about my actions when something comes up. Right now the solution looks pretty good, with the “transition” happening in august, which means that my current company would stop supporting my job. The new company that got the contract though is acting as though they’ll be hiring everyone and the location is not far at all from where I’m living now, which means I’ll have job security and good internet again. Finally.

To that end I want to state a tentative start date of late sept to early oct. This, even still, right now, is not set in stone, but it’s looking like things will finally be coming around and worthwhile. This schedule corresponds to me moving, as well as a few activities with friends which may or may not be happening, and should give me plenty of time to review sheets and finalize plotlines before we start. I should know more in about a month or so as to whether or not this is still working, but I just wanted to touch base with everyone I knew that was interested and give them an update as to why this is taking so ■■■■■■■ long, and what kind of timeline we’re looking at. And also to apologize for all the wacky goddamn ■■■■ that has lead up to this truly massive delay. I’m… really really sorry, but it’s the situation I’ve landed in, and I’m hoping to have it finally resolved by that time.



ReganSmash is my discord account if you want/need to add me to any servers. Last i checked i was the only one with the name


You mind dropping your discord tag number? I’ll flick you the server link.


Thanks for that, and thanks to everyone that responded to this with varying messages of support and care and other things that I’m not emotionally equipped to deal with. It means a lot, but my biggest concern through all this is that I need consistency. If this is going to work, and Im going to be the DM, I need to be the guy that’s there week after week, people need to hear me well, and I need to make clear an concise rulings. The reasons I’ve put everything off so long has because my life situations meant I couldn’t do a lot of that. Hence the hiatus.

There’s just been a wellspring of activity for this, and a general want that’s been fueled, and I can’t thank the discord team enough for keeping those fires hot. I’ll be available for q and a’s or just character sheet analysis (albiet delayed) any time. I just felt as though I owed it to everyone to explain what’s up.

The last thing I want to say about my wacky circumstances is despite how the above sounds, things are actually really looking up for me. The problem is just … variability.

My next few months range from having no job at all to not only having a job, but having some free cash to pay for a deposit on a new place and go to my friends bachelor party in vegas, to somewhere inbetween. Right now, the best of those is looking pretty good. I think things will end up all right and the timeline I gave may even be conservative - but everything is slightly up in the air right now.

In any case, thanks again for the warm thoughts and kind words. They gives me the warm/fuzzies all over and you guys continue to the best.


Didn’t know that was needed, my bad


And now, back to weirder general conversation.

Thunder Step might be the most busted thing ever for storm sorcs.

Tempestuous Magic triggers before or after you cast a first level spell of first or higher and lets you fly as a bonus action up to 10 feet.

Heart of the storm deals damage to enemies within 10 feet of you to take lightning or thunder damage when you cast a spell that deals lightning or thunder damage.

Thunder step is a third level evocation spell that lets you teleport 90 feet in any direction you can see, take someone with you if they’re willing, and after you teleport, everything within 10 feet of you makes a con save or takes 3d10 thunder damage (half as much on a failed save).

So if I’m reading this right (and there’s no guarantee that I am), you can start TM magic, fly up to 10 feet with no opportunity attacks into the middle of of enemies, grab a friend, shoot everyone the bird. Cast thunder step, which triggers heart of the storm for no-save damage equal to half your sorc level. You and the friend teleport 90 ft and deal the 3d10 damage. Factoring in standard normal movement you get to do all this on a turn and will have moved up to 130 ft without dashing.

… I like this build.

I’ma be posting this to the main resource hub as well, but I was until tonight unaware that wizards made a plane shift for Ixalan.

This is pretty solid reading for all because Ixalan as a plane is… ridiculously similiar to Moliora. To the point where legit, I feel like I have to state that me and a friend came up with this setting 3-4 years ago to make it not seem like I’m the copyright infringing ■■■■■■■.

Please double check if you’re thinking of playing vampire, because I’d vastly prefer that the Ixa vampire class be played over the Zendi one - no stupid npc zombie shib, just bloodthirst.

Additionally the notes for the legion of dusk and river heralds are great for people thinking of playing as a Windstealers character or a Jugi Prime character.

@FunkJunkie @Hattie @Tokesy97 @HandsomeCam @RiddleMeThis1 @Benedict_87 @MidnightNova @Piemanlee

I get good internet installed at my new place on sunday.

This means…

Here is the resource thread, if anyone missed it.

No start times will be debated at this time although I would love to get an early start on setting up character hooks to those interested.


  1. Reply to this thread with the @ symbol to anyone I missed who may or may not be interested.

  2. Send me your most up to date and approved character sheet that you want to be playing as this starts. If you’ve already done this in a pm… message me in that PM so I remember to look at it so I can make you a hook. Also, if we had any other questions about the setup or character design, let me know so we can hash it out.

  3. Await further commands!!!


Ooh, I’ll roll up a backup character

Have my old one in my dnd folder if you need it


If it was Kiteek, I think I still have it but would appreciate a fresh PM.


Jesus Christ you’re needy


Bitch, I’m adorable.


Last call on these-

Working on reviewing sheets and finalizing hooks at the moment.

Submission deadline will be this time next week, 9/12.

If you’re interested in playing, let me know. If not, we’ll be brainstorming days to meet shortly thereafter.

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There’s no such thing as a “Lawful Neutral” anarchist.

You might stretch it to Lawful Good or Lawful Evil for some libertarians. I wouldn’t.

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Hey I’m only one day behind!

@Dr_Do-Little , technically I think there could be, but it’d be a bit of a vague bit. I see it as someone who’s disillusioned with reality but lacks the ability to make change, so they’re just very passive.

I mean, it’s not good, but technically works.

@Tokesy97 - I still need to finalize a card for you and get your hook, but you are cleared and good.
Half-Elf Paladin

@Piemanlee - I still need to review your stuff after we added the bond and decide if I need to redo your hook (yours was easily the briefest, I feel kinda bad), but you are cleared and good.
Goliath Barbarian (planning to dual spec paladin)

@FunkJunkie - I think you still need to get me bonds/backstory for the new character?
Half Elf Wild Magic Sorcerer

@Benedict_87 - I think everything is done with yours! You should have your hook and your card and they both still work.
Aven Ranger

@nbrownlie237 - I think everything is done with yours! You should have your hook and your card and they both still work.
Goliath Barbarian

@RiddleMeThis1 - Still need your bonds after we set up everything last week.
Wood Elf Rogue


Guys, meet the party.

I’m going to work on getting out the hooks I need in the next 24 hours.

I’d like to be trying to schedule these for the weekends, but I’m available most weekends from like 8am Friday Morning EST to 11pm Sunday night EST.

I’d like to plan for our first session to be 2-3 hours long.

What dates work for everyone?


No reason to, not like i gave you a ton to work with. Those hooks/bonds should flesh it out nicely.

Oh and dates umm. I’m free most Fridays after about 7pm. Everyother Saturday at varying times



Ok, tomorrow evening after work I’ll finish before monster hunting


If we’re looking at weekends I’m generally available between 6pm and 10:30pm EST (Hard out at 10:30pm because I work night shift.) Exception would be if I’m needed for OT.