Dunkino's Mom says no to soloing OP9 :(

Got to 80 a few days ago, farmed some good OP Loot but she keeps spawning and one shooting me the moment she activates. I have never had the kind of issue where she immediately dose her shock volley regardless of my distance from her. I am playing Maya and I have an antagonist for damage reduction but it dose not seem to help like it use to.
Anyone got some solid tips for soloing her reliably that dose not revolve around using a Grog.

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Constat Shock balls spamming? Yea, you caught some really bad RNG.
It’s quite tricky to kill her without healing times/healthgate abuse with such behavior. I heard somewhere that Transformer shield is effective aganist D’s mom, though i can’t really confirm it.
I personally prefer using Bee+Hail combo aganist her as Axton (and Maya, too) - DPS and Healing at the same time.


I tried that way back before Fight for Sanctuary. She Blasts RIGHT past it while filling your shield constantly. Its just like throwing a Chain Lighting to fill your shield a portion of the damage for some reason ignores the shield and damages you anyway. She will pretty much immediately down you while you shield is still full XD I may go grab a hail. I have Led Storm but Hail has healing. Luckily I have Bandit slaughter on ignore on that very character XD


chuck a storm front or chain lightning whilst holding any moxxi weapon, but grog works wonders.

The only other thing is seeking cover behind the island. She can be kited to simply walk, following you.

If she stops to puke lightning though life steal or cover is the only thing.

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I also notice this difference in dukino’s mom attacks. Previously i just stayed in fromt wait for that beam and she will do a sweeping attack which is easy to dodge and her mouth is open to crits.

But now the beam attacks is thrown straight in your face which is impossible to dodge.

For maya i just swiyched to grog and cloud kill do the rest to buck me up to healthgate, also throw in a chain lightning if necessary.

See this is kinds why I put the disclaimer there at the end. I do not use a Grog. The gun is not designed with the games “balance” in mind and I feel is diminishis any kind of meaningful challange the game poses with how overwhelmingly versatile and powerful it is. If other players want to use it I have nothing against them. It’s there Gearbox left it in the game so I can’t blame you :slight_smile: it’s just not for me.

I think I may actually bring a storm to use with my Hail next time.

This is something that she has always done. She prefers the sweep but on occasion she will fire of a straight beam that locks on to you just like an Ultimate Badass Shock Skag. The crappy thing about it is if she has locked on your already gonna get hit no way to avoid it. That is why I constantly move around the one island.

I did end up getting past her solo with a Hail, a low level blue Breakneck Banshee with 7 of 5 in fleet and a Rough Rider.

It was easy to dodge everything but her straight beam which she dose not seem to do unless there will be a clear line between the beam and you and your around the same distance where she would otherwise shoot shock volleys.
It took a fairly long time to kill her. Honestly I wish I had a Lady fist for when she opened her mouth.

Thanks for the help guys.