Dunksquad vs PS4 today!

Hi everyone

I’ve been trying to get this game together for a while, but now the fight of the century is here!

Today at 12pm est (so just over 5 hours from now) Dunksquad will be facing off against the top dawgs of PS4.

The game will be streamed on twitch, casted by Nemo and Blaine, so be sure to watch and cheer on your favourite team.

I don’t think I need to tell people who Dunksquad are, but on the PS4 team it will be Me, SirWalrusCrow, Supernovasnipe, Flash and Fluffyninja (and maybe CDawgg).

They should be really fun games so make sure you come along and watch :blush:


The games will be streamed on either “blainethebro” or “Nemosis327” for those interested on watching.


The games have been played, and they were a lot of fun! Be sure to watch the stream on Blaine’s twitch channel if you missed it!

Big thanks to all the players, and to Blaine and P5 for casting the games.

I saw about 50 people watching which was great to see a large portion of the community together :slight_smile:

Thanks again!


Think we should get our own title?:wink:


If you suggest anything other than DPS Mikos than I will be disappointed in you.

Check the PS4 chat, some strange suggestions there.

I’m pretty sure everyone agreed with Ashbweh and co as our team name!

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@scottv We know you saw the DPS Mikos in action, hook us up? :wink: Just kidding (kinda)


You guys won, i take it? I didn’t catch the stream…

The stream will be archived on my twitch channel for the next two weeks.

I can’t view it on my phone without a twitch account of my own, unfortunately; and i don’t want one.

Strange. I can watch it on my phone without a twitch account. It’s fun viewing. Crow-by makes an appearance and wrecks it.


I’ve tried multiple times with my friend’s streams, but it keeps bringing up a sign-up page.

I f*cking love this^! @SirWalrusCrow, why isn’t it your title yet?


I want a #GottaBeThrowing title then.

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Complete with Pendles throwing smoke bomb in the background

@HandsomeCam Try this.

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Yes. All 3.

1st Match - Overgrowth

We won 100-0.

2nd Match - Monuments

We won 98-38.

3rd Match - Paradise

We won the first round 400-32. We then won the match by the first wave of bots which were V7.0. Didn’t go into Sudden Death.

If I were just told the format of which it had to be, I’d be happy to design the title itself so they could “just” add it to the game itself.

If I could make a title for myself to use, I’d definitely use that for sure. Would love it w/ a background of Toby doing his base taunt.

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Yep, that works! Thanks, man. I can’t watch all four hours of it just now, but i will check out the first match.

Mine would be “Kipper Addict”, and would feature Toby’s sexy wink pose in the menu, only on top of a pile of kippers.

Anyways, nice work. When i read the list of you going up against Dunk Squad, i figured you would win the majority.

Only the first 2 hours or so where the PS4 VS Dunk Squad games. There were a few more casual ten mans I decided to cast after that because we had enough people willing to play.

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Ah, okay. That’s less of a time commitment for sure, though I’ll probably end up watching all of it in time anyways. I would participate in many of ya’lls streams if my phone wasn’t such a “C”-word when it comes to Twitch; and no, i don’t mean the “C”-word that Toby hates. :smirk: