Duo leveling Baroness+Jack


i started out about to weeks ago and play coop. A Doppelganger is always on board, sometimes an enforcer. We finished the normal mode and are around lvl 36-37 now. I started with the Contractual Aristocracy Tree with few points in bitter riposte and avalanche, my mate is aiming at this http://thepresequel.com/Jack/55112103034315551515105101000000000000/celdoppelganger,lv70

we get through really nicely, i get downed sometimes but most of the time his clones take make nice tanks , we get enough health regen and i freeze and can snipe from comfortable places. Still some things are kinda bugging me.

I don’t seem to manage to get avalanche stacking high, and i feel like i get fewer kills. i don’t mind as long as things die, but it makes me question the points in avalanche. should i still be taking it?

Depends on your build. Are you going all the way down cold money, or are you planning on putting points in the huntress? Because that will dictate whether avalanche is a good investment.

Also, remember that Jack is probably the second most co-op oriented character next to Aurelia, and many of his skills depend on you taking damage and him stealing your kills. All of Jack’s critical bonuses also pair well with your cryo ability. It makes sense that he’s getting more kills, especially with the badass jacks around.

You shouldn’t depend too much on stacking skills for damage in co-op. Unless it’s anarchy or bloodlust, most stacking skills are more difficult to accumulate in co-op.

I suppose my suggestion would be to drop avalanche since you seem to prefer sniping anyway, as it will allow you to element match, and you won’t have to stack to get high damage. If you do want to go down cold money though , definity keep it. You may have to engage enemies before your partner so you can get those stacks, but that works out since you’d activate some of his skills upon taking damage.