Duplication glitch/bug

Mods- its not the bad kind. Please dont lock me.

I’ve been experiencing a few bugs lately , most notably enemies not taking damage in ffyl , yesterday my equipped gun dissapeared and I couldnt open my menu or switch to any other guns.
But the latest one sucks.
I go in to my inventory or bank and I have 2 identical weapons , where I know I only had one.
First I thought nothing of it and sold the copy , but now ive realised im losing items.
For example : I had a fire pitchfork and a fire plasma caster in my bank , but when I went back there were 2 identical plasma casters and no pitchfork!

It has also happened with a heartbreaker , which I think lost me a pimpernel.
In all its happened 4 or 5 times now.
I play solo or splitscreen so its not somebody else affecting my game.

If anyone knows what might be causing this I’d really appreciate some info.

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Sounds like you’ve got something corrupting your save files, and the game is trying to restore from the backup copy? What platform are you playing on, and are you experiencing any issues in any other games?

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On xbox one.
You could be right.

Theres been times where ive loaded a save up and my progress isnt where I thought it was aswell , and a few pieces of gear have gone missing without leaving a dupe behind.

Any idea what would mess with save files?
I only play on one console at the moment so it shouldn’t be a cloud issue.

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I only play BL2 and as far as I know nobody else has had any problems with other games on this console.

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There’s a couple few of things that could mess up your progress and cause the over-writes:

  • Not exiting safely from the game - always save-quit and wait for the game to exit back to the main menu.
    • Never force-quit (dashboard) if the vault symbol thing is happening in the top-right of the screen
    • Never exit by turning off the console using the power button before you’ve safely quit the game
  • Pay attention to any odd pop-ups concerning your connection; since the XB1 automatically copies saves to the cloud, interrupting this process will result either in errors, or in a roll-back to a previous version.
  • Disk failure: hopefully this isn’t an issue, as the reliability of hard drives has improved immensely since the 360 launched. It could still be an issue if your hard drive is almost full, though, since the same sector will be used repeatedly for updating save files.

It’s too bad that XB1 doesn’t allow you to make local copies of your saves like you can on 360.

Edit: Feel a bit like the Spanish Inquisition here…

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The hard drive has recently got close to capacity , due to a couple of games being installed.
Ill see if I can free up some space.

Thanks for replying , you always have good suggestions. :thumbsup:

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Might want to look into an external USB 3.0 drive to save re-downloading content?


Also, note the comment about the dangers of playing off-line and cloud sync over-writing when you sign back in.

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I found this out the hard way , when I lost my internet for 2 days and was playing on two different consoles.

I think I’m going to have to invest in a hard drive though.
1TB gets eaten up really quickly.

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