Dustbound Arcchives 90% (WHY?)

Trying to figure out why I can’t 100% this. I already did the Detective - Iris mission, but it’s still at 90%. Can anyone assist me on this one?

Honestly, just tune it out. I never understood that zone completion thing. Maybe there’s some area that still counts as hidden, but it’s somewhere out of bounds. I have areas in the base game that have more than 100%. It’s a useless metric.

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My OCD is kicking in real hard ya know? :frowning:

I know the feeling. So, I’m telling you, try your damndest to tune it out. 100% means nothing. Think of it like random scribbles on your map.

That would bother me as well. Go ahead and look at the map and click R. Maybe you’re missing a red chest???


YOU SIR WIN!!! It is a red chest! I forgot about the R button. Thank you thank you thank you!