Duty Calls or Ranger?

This is the build for my new Axton, current load out is a Thrusting Unkempt Harold, Chikum Muckamuck, Slagga and Duble Barrel Roksalt with a longbow explosive MIRV. Currently equipped class mod is a Master Grenadier with +6 Grenadier and +5 Steady and the shield is the best absorb or adaptive I can find/buy. My question is: am I better off having Duty Calls or would Ranger be better (or both)? I want to try a L. Ranger with this build or maybe a L. Pointman (think I may have one or two each in the level 70+ range on mules…)

Between the 2, ranger. Duty calls would only effect 2 of your weapons, and does your sniper benefit from the fire rate that much?