Duty Calls skill and rocket or grenade type assault rifles?

Does it buff them?

I know the KerBlaster (rocket) Torgue gun is buffed by assault rifle damage mod buff, but does it’s explosive element count to not get the Duty Calls buff?

Duty calls is non elemental only. Explosive is considered an element so it does not benefit from duty calls. I suggest you skip duty calls since it loses its effectiveness relatively fast. There are better skills to take. Look at the skill ratings in a thread here on the axton forums. It rates them from bad to very good. Might be worth a look.

hmm i guess there are

I’ll probably keep it though, I like the buffs it gives to non-elemental Hyperion and Vladoff guns

Trust me i liked duty calls thru normal mode and tvhm. Having turrets put slag on enemies. At uvhm 72-op8 it becomes lackluster. Mind you when i did use it. It was for ARs

I didn’t really agree with that guide completely

for instance he doesn’t rate the skill Healthy which I think is very good health buff and he rates the skill Pressure which I do not. Generally it seem OK though.

The reason healthy is a one point with 5pts from a mod is because of health gating. Having more health doesnt really help. Because in uvhm two or three hits not matter what can down you. Pressure is a great survival skill. A definite grab from the survival tree. Just gotta try everything out. Then build on your playstyle. Make sure to do this at varying lvls of play