Duty calls what it should have been

Hi, so as the title suggests, im just curious of what you think of this: first of all i think the nuke should have been a mid-tree skill like phalanx or cloud kill.

i think duty calls should have been a 1/1 capstone for the gunpowder tree and do something like: 30% chance of non-elemental bullets getting the 75% extra damage from element compatibility (example: fire on flesh)

i guess you could say this would work similar to nishas skill that allows her to do crits even without hitting crits in TPS

i know this wont happen and this post is useless but im just looking on some feedback for this idea


30% chance of getting a 75% increase is basically a 22.5% increase.

Considering it would be multiplicative (since elemental bonus are) you’re looking at roughly 30% overall increase in damage.

Compared to what duty calls does now (a…30% increase) I don’t see an improvement here.

Sure you save 4 skill points by making it a 1-pointer, but you also lose the possibility of increasing it through class mods, so it’s a push.

duty calls is aditive right now

I watched the video this comment was posted on, and the video suggested just making duty calls multiplicative. Which I agree with.

Btw it was a video by @demoniteBL


I know it is, but if you place it in the formula where element matching goes (as you’re suggesting) it would be multiplicative.

Making it multiplicative alone (without messing with it in other ways) would be enough to make it great.


Thank you for posting that. I had asked if Demonite was in the forums here as I couldn’t link him to one of my posts that I wanted to provide him with the credit. so thank you for this Pie. I’ll have to see if I can dig up that old post and edit it accordingly. :slight_smile:

Five things they kinda did wrong with Axton…IMHO…some are just nit picks…but here goes.

One…Ranger is such a small bonus (even if it is 7 skills) with a full 5/5 investment AND…it’s waaaay down the tree.

Two…Laser Sight…oh my…it’s just useless, no discernible advantage whether a 1/5 investment or a 5/5 investment or a 0/5 investment. Now if it did something like an overall improvement to accuracy, things like Bandit guns become available as an Axton tool.

Three…Duty Calls. Making the skill truly multiplicative or adding to the bonus would make Axton a multidimensional player in Non-Elemental. it would open up the additional option for non-elemental builds and weapons and all of a sudden, Jakobs becomes VERY relevant to Axton. As it is now, at the highest levels…Axton is an Explosive guy and that’s about it.

Four…Nuke as a capstone is rather weak and the animation just is terrible…a major distractor. If it could Kill a tad better…less of the terrible animation (which is cool but terrible for gameplay) and keep the knockback…it “might” be worth it as a capstone. This complaint is certainly a nit pick…

Five…Turret Power is rather lacking…it just doesn’t kill much. The turret makes up for it with it’s blocking/aggro/distraction and just a wee bit of safety from Phalanx Shield…and it can slag which is a MAJOR factor in UVHM. This complaint is certainly a nit pick as well…

Again…this is IMHO…