DW + SoR build (Got my first Redistributor drop from Wotan)

So today I experimented with my 2nd Moze with a different build that focuses on damage and shield. I tested it with Fervor Proving Grounds and Moze is almost unkillable even at the midst of the battle against those nasty anointed enemies. I tested with solo Takedown and never had issues with surviving surprisingly. As a prize I got my first ever Redistributor drop from Wotan.

The skill tree I am running with:


  • ReCharger with shield bonus anointment
  • Snow Drift Otto Idol (it really helps a lot against Wotan)
  • Mind Sweeper (surprsingly I get more grenade regen with this mod than Blast Master)
  • Storm grenade (taking out enemy shield)
  • Hellshock (backup gun)
  • Cryo/Shock Kybs (I used this against those flying enemies)
  • Brainstormer (this one is quite effective at the bridge)
  • Shock and Corrosive Cutsman (most effective against Wotan)
  • Rad Redistributor (I feel the Brainstormer was better against the Maliwan soldiers. It’s good in Proving Grounds)

I think the pros of this build is you get a really decent shield and shield regen, nice dmg (with Short Fuse, Mind Sweeper, Phalanx), You get to keep auto bear and the skill cooldown is FAST. The biggest downside here is I lose “Some for the Road” and hence no rocket spamming (On my Splash Moze that skill is a core skill). I thought I would feel the effects of not having Redistribution but this 2nd Moze was fine overall without it.

Note: I don’t know if there is a build like this already. If there is one, let me know.


It’s a decently common one to run it with deathless and bloodletter. I found a recursion absolutely melts everything so long as theres at least 2 targets.

I found the Brainstormer with 1% per consecutive hit extremely helpful with Mindsweeper in the Takedown.

Bro, you want to work 5/5 Cloud of Lead into any build with the Redistributor because the free shot you get counts as an amped shot for the purposes of the gun’s chaining mechanic.


After posting this I respec’d so I can get Redistribution and as consequence I got 5 pts on Cloud of Lead. It’s been days and the fun is over. I’d say something must be bugged when I played a lot of this build. I was respeccing a lot so that could have introduced some glitch.

After a couple of days, this Moze feels weaker. Not sure what happened, but all I can say I am back to my main Moze (splash one). This SoR Moze build survives better in TD solo but it still sucks compare to Zane or Amara.

I can’t wait for DLC 2 and hoping there’s gonna be some Moze buffs

I was actually planning a 1 HP SoR/DW build with Mind Sweeper.

Glad to see the core concept works even in Takedown. Nice work.