Dwarven Allies quest stuck

Running through TTAoDK, grabbed the letter after the golem boss but my quest marker is still showing I need to get it. Persists after exit and reload. Any fix beyond reset or getting into a multiplayer session on the same quest?


Never seen this before, did you find a solution?
I assume you used the portals Tina provides? - all I can think of is it might have been borked if you had to save/quit in a hurry and the letter/portal link was somehow glitched…

That’s probably no help at all, but if you found a way to progress I’d be interested to hear it.

Best of luck!

I found a few instances of other who had had the quest lock up, some at that step and some at others.

Not entirely sure what happened, maybe grabbed the rune too quickly or it was just one of those things the game does occasionally. Didn’t even notice anything was amiss until I realized the quest marker was taking me the wrong way after jumping in the portal.
I thought the portal didn’t even activate until the rune was picked up; but it’s really of no consequence at this point.

Decided to just reset, wanted to grab a couple of quest rewards at my current OP level anyway.

OK, thanks for the follow-up. Good thing these glitches are few and far between.

Just so you know, my research indicated that jumping into someone else’s game on the quest would have let me finish too.
But I figured I could rerun up to that point by the time I found anyone who happened to be there