DX11 (Win 7 64-bit) to DX12 (Win 10)?

I’m may be upgrading to windows 10 with trepidation for two reasons, DX12 and its free. I really do love windows 7 though.

Will I see an increase performance in HWR going to dx12?

No - HWRM is GL 3.3.

However, as I understand it W10 runs it a bit faster.

Personally after growing used to it, I really do like W10…

Ahh, ok. Thanks for the information. Windows always seems to be a bit better every other version.

Homeworld: Remastered Collection runs really nicely on Windows 10.

While not really related to Homeworld directly, there is one issue with Windows 10 (and 8/8.1 for that matter) that you should be aware of before upgrading as it might affect you. Windows 10 as well as 8/8.1 cannot adress more than 4GB of Vram (Vram in this case means the Gpu’s Vram + the regular RAM allocated for the Gpu) using DirectX 9 which can lead to heavy performance issues. Windows 7 and Vista are not affected by this and can allocate more if need be.

Now I know this is a rather uncommon issue for most gamers as not many games using Dx9 are using more than 4GB Vram anyway, but if you are for example playing Skyrim with lots of mods, this limit will strongly affect your game and will make it almost unplayable. I for example am such a person and therefore was forced to reinstall Windows 7 because Skyrim became unplayable for me on Windows 10. This limit has been confirmed by Microsoft and is not an isolated issue that I have with Windows 10, they said they are working on a solution, however, this limit was known since Windows 8 and hasn’t been solved yet so I don’t have high hopes for it being solved anytime soon.

So just in case this might affect you I wanted to mention it :wink:


Thanks for the info @maelrizzo !
win10 + Dwarf = Nope, definitely

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No problem :wink: it is a niche problem, but it affects some people so I thought I mentioned it.


Using DirectX 9 only though? So any games that use DX9 and try to address more than 4 gb of vram will have this problem?

Yes only Dx9 has this problem, Dx10,11 or 12 are fine and can address more in Windows 8-10.