Dx12 crashing on start, worked previously

FIXED: I reset windows in the settings and then reinstalled drivers and downloaded dxsetup from Microsoft.

Had a bit of a search beforehand but none solved my issue.

Played on dx11at launch no issues, then
Played on dx12 when it left the beta, again no issues.
Game ran at 100+fps at 1440p.
Probably played for like 50 hours in total without major issues.

Whilst NOT playing a game or doing anything, computer crashed and got hung on windows, so i ended up just reinstalling windows as its on its own drive. Downloaded my graphics driver, etc, loaded up steam and all my games work fine (pubg, half life, etc)

Then i downloaded epic games and did the install trick to avoid re-downloading 70gb of bl3, crashed at start with dx12, though dx11 is fine. So i deleted the game and re-downloaded bl3 (also tried verfiy multiple times) and same results.

I have learned that dx12 comes with windows and is installed, downloaded vc distros

16gb ram, ryzen 4 core at 3.8ghz, 5700xt
Fresh windows was downloaded from website last week.
I also did a fresh install of windows at bl3 launch.

I just feel im missing a bit of software or something as it ran fine previously last week. Or my windows is bad? I need the dx12 fps boost as my cpu sucks

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im haveing the same issue, worked fine for a few weeks and now it just crashes. its a shame because the runs better for me in dx12. was able to get a constant 120fps on ultra 1080p, but with dx11 i dont even get that. hopefully theyll be a fix in the future.

core i5 8600k
rx 5700

I am running DX12, even on lower quality video settings I am getting constant crashing running the Maliwan take down. Seems like since the last patch things are much worse
Core i5 4670K
EVGA RTX2060 super @1440p

Same here. Never used DX12 and last week I gave it a try (got a huge boost on FPS), BUT Since yesterday, after a pc crash, I’m unable to even get past the splash. Tried reinstalling, verifying, loads of booting options and to no avail.

Update: tried clearing the shaders cache, but it didn’t work either

Update 2: GOOD NEWS! I took the files out of the BL3 Appdata folder, on my windows user folder. It worked! After the crash some, if not all of these files may have corrupted themselves
AMD FX-6300 (overclocked to 4.2GHZ)
MSI RX580 Armor MK2


Well as a PS4 player that can get killed by an anointed tink while looking dead at the invisible ■■■■ that is shooting a turret at me and not taking damage for half a second because he is in quantum space I can assure you it could be worse.
Play an Xbox and you’ll never finish the takedown.

I’m glad you’re issue is fixed though.

Thanks for this (update 2); it worked for me! I didn’t even realize this folder existed, and have been pulling my hair out.

Now if only you had a solution for all the stuttering/lag you’d really be my hero… :star_struck:

It depends on your bottleneck, as some settings use more CPU or GPU . People have been telling me to turn off volumetric fog and reflections. Maybe it helps a bit?

You are a badass, dude