DX12 initial feedback

It seems to be working mostly OK with all the previous stuttering and whatnot being gone but:

  • DX12 is still marked as Beta in the settings.
  • UI bugs that used to plague only my inventory (icons for weapons not updating and such) are now also affecting equipped gear.
  • Texture streaming seems REALLY slow. It’s worse than when I used to play BL2 on a potato.

My gosh !
Looks like GB really didn’t fix a thing on DX 12 and there i was saying ah they finally did it. Looks like…not.
Is this what were going to expect on every patch GB? More issues and hick-ups on every patch or update? If so then man you guys need to slow it down and look at things instead of shoving it out the door. This should be an embarrassment to you guys.
Oh and thanks for the date on dx 12 op. It shows me and others that this will never get a good fix in GB’s hands.

It seemed really glitchy to me, so I went back to DX11.

I can now conferm that it is indeed still marked as beta but it did run for me. I have a 8 gig card and it is a radion one too.
I am getting a solid 60 frames a sec but did notice it dip down a bit during heavy fire fights. Not a big deal but the visuals were a bit down graded and it didn’t look as smooth as dx 11. A visual thing i guess so ill have to do more testing in game using there tool to find out more. But so far it does run and is ok to use just make sure your using a radion card.