DX12 Shaders don't get optimized after DLC 6 update

I switched to DX11 and since then no more crashes on exit. I exited the game at least 10 times now without crashes.
I also never exit straight to the desktop, always main menu then desktop.

You are still running DX12 ? With DX12 the game still crashes repeatedly on exit with the exception access violation error just like you.
Yes, I deleted the three shader files in the “saved” folder but it still does it.

So was there a system/driver update pushed out specifically for DX12 recently? Because I still haven’t seen very much in the April 8th patch notes that suggests updates to the game’s graphics pipeline, and there’s nothing in any of the hotfixes that should affect code execution.

There must have been some change, because there are multiple people here with the shader problem. Or it’s a bug and hopefully will be fixed soon, because my performance is still noticeable worse than before the patch. And I only can run DX12, my performance in DX11 ist very bad.

I had to change to DX12, as all of the shader textures were FULL potato and would not stream to proper quality.

Once I changed from 11 to 12, it re-compliled and now works fine.

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First, sry for my bad english.

Thanks for going through all the trouble to find a solution.
I bought BL3 at launch and played on DX12 ever since. So you can imagine i was quite annoyed from the “not optimizing problem”. Because you could not work out the problem I had the Idea to search for command line arguments and one particular Website came to my mind (Borderlands 3 - PCGamingWiki PCGW - bugs, fixes, crashes, mods, guides and improvements for every PC game)

Stuttering on high-end hardware • Link[edit]

There have been multiple reports of the game stuttering on hardware exceeding the recommended system requirements.[28][29]

Switching to DirectX 12 may result in better performance and reduction of stuttering, as well as better utilization of the CPU in combat on high-end hardware.[30][31]

There you can find an argument (-NOTEXTURESTREAMING) which changes everything back to normal so there you go.

Till this day i can not understand why support didn’t mention this small one liner and instead lets you go through such trouble.

I hope that I could help at least someone


Problem is, -notexturestreaming leads to significantly longer load times, brutal when farming a particular enemy.