DX12 writing several gigabytes of data on disk

It’s doing it every time the game is launched, and it writes on the BL3 temp folder which is located in the C: drive.

Pretty much a silent SSD killer, since SSD lifetime is based on the amount of writes. I’m not using DX12 anymore in this game unless that gets sorted. Could create a symbolic link to another drive, but it would be even more waiting for the game to start, as it takes longer to create shaders.

Not sure if this is happening to anyone else, but I verified it on Resource Monitor while launching the game. Not sure why DX12 isn’t getting a permanent folder so it would stop caching every time. I don’t recommend anyone using DX12 until that gets sorted by GBX.

Can You tell me exact path for the place it writes those files? Will check it when I get back from work.

If I’m not mistaken, it writes to user\appdata\local\Borderlands 3\saved. There are some precached files there, but the game appears to be writing a lot more temporary files when it’s launched, and it deletes those files when it’s closed.

This is definitely one of the reasons the game takes so long to launch with DX12.

No, it’s not the reason at all. The DX12 API used in game is BETA software.

It optimizes shaders every time the game is launched DX12. While it’s doing that, it’s writing tons of data into a temp folder. Maybe it’s not the main reason for the loading time, but writing so much temporary data into the Windows SSD can be a problem, which is the reason I created this topic.

I’m a little surprised it’s not caching all that data, at least on PC - not sure why it would need to change anything unless there had been a graphics driver or game update?

Whether that’s really a problem for the SSD does depend a bit on manufacturer and age. Not sure how your system compares to the ones tested here?

Yeah there are differences between SSDs, but most brands used in Windows are typically between 60~120GB and 40TBW until failure. The ones in the report you posted are high-end, more expensive units. They are safe to let programs use them at will.

From what I see in this path (and checked also ssd space before and after launching BL3).
There is no such thing like You describe here (at least for me).
Game doesn’t make that much of a data for me (any if all).
Got myself a Samsung 970 Evo 250 GB for system.

Only DX12 and you must check disk activity in the Resource Monitor. Anyway you’re safe, Samsungs are the best for longevity.