Dying in one hit. Cheating or lag?

I keep posting about how I’m dying in ridiculous ways, is this because of lag or is it legit cheating/damage calculation numbers? As a full health benedict I shouldn’t die to one arrow of thorn’s bow. Or two hits of kleese’s wrist canon.

I suppose that depends on levels, loadouts, and helix choices. Unless that information is provided for all characters you mentioned, I can certainly imagine scenarios where Benedict can be one-shotted by Thorn.

yeah, I guess it’s reasonable one character can do 1,200 damage with one button push (no charge) oh wait

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Try explaining the times it happened?

Who were you playing
Who killed you
Was it a solo kill or was it 2v1+
Screenshot the kill screen with damage numbers.

The reason Im posting is because its irrationally happening. A low level kleese shooting me twice with his wrist cannon shouldn’t be taking off 300 shield and 1k+ health.

I get that its not a common occurrence but if it happens again I would take a SS of the kill screen at least and make a note of it to report the problem. I personally havnt come across any other hacks other than aimbots and speed hacks, so its possible I suppose. Kleese’s charge up wrist cannon can do a super amount of damage and Benedict has pretty low health so its possible to maybe 2-3 shot him if all are headshots, not sure though.

In one shot? No. Not a chance.

In 3 or 4 shots/powers that all land at the same time? Definitely.

Thorn is the most notorious for this. Her blight, volley, ult combo is insane, and can easily drop you from full health in a blink.

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While the hypothesis of a cheater can’t be excluded ( sadly ), I tend to take these affirmations with a pinch of salt since a early encounter on these forums. A lot can happen in what a ‘normal’ player would call ‘instant’. For some of us, and / or when viewing a replay of the action, not only did it happen over a much longer timespan than initially thought, but more than just a click of a button occured.

Dots, turrets, ranged characters, support, there can be multiple sources of damage, and they aren’t always listed in the death recap. Heck, you could see Character X dealt 1200 damage to you, and have the recap only display two hits of their primary for 200, not displaying the 1000k+ of all his skills and ultimate that actually landed alongside the primary.

On consoles it’s even more of an issue since reaction times are higher : sometimes ( and that was the issue with my previous ‘encounter’ on the forum ) everything happens while you’re in fact turning around to see who is attacking you. By the time you’re facing them, they have unloaded all their skills and are now in your face primaring you to death.

This still doesn’t exclude the sad possibility of cheaters ( less so on consoles though ), and I’ve seen my fair share of strange behaviours and numbers too in upfront 1v1 on PC…

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As the other posters in this thread have demonstrated, you still haven’t given us enough information to answer the questions you asked.

With Thorn, if she was standing in her own blight, had the appropriate helix choices and hit a critical with her volley, with certain gear activated, yes. Especially if you were death marked by any other BB with that skill (like Reyna).

Now that you’ve provided more information about Kleese, saying he was low-level, I suggest you do as others have suggested and take a screenshot of the kill screen. That will show anyone in doubt who did the damage, how much damage was done, and over what time period.

Without that, it’s hard to answer your questions with any certainty, especially if you dole out the information about what happened over multiple posts.

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Do skills crit? I thought they don’t. Also I thought there can’t be crits when the target is shielded…

Can you please post a screen shot of the damage history the next time this happens? This will provide a better breakdown of what is happening.

Not sure. I always assumed the projectile skills could, but maybe not. Using Cursed Earth, Focused Volley, and Fiendish Curse, with shield penetration gear on, a crit might not even be necessary. Not to mention Kreshek’s Rage.

To tell you the truth, I’ve never tried to add up the numbers on the fly.

Like @sfghost1 said, his Quantum Precision Mutation at level 3 can do some pretty nasty damage with proper aiming. Also, Kleese can spec into Overloaded Mortars at Level 2, so Laser + Mortar + Laser might actually hurt pretty badly. Not sure on the numbers, as they would be affected by +Max Shield and +Skill Damage gear.

What I’m trying to say is: There is a legit way for Kleese to do that much damage, especially if you’re experiencing lag.

Also, I agree with @danwarr117: It is understandable that you question the legitimacy of ‘irregular’ deaths, but without a damage history, everyone here is pretty limited to speculation.

They can, but only with the shields down. Although with Blight your shield would be stripped in half a second.

Skills do crit examples are mellkas claw lunge and blade launcher and thorns volley

If kleese has quantum precision he can take your shield down with one hit and if he Crits it does 1.1k damage.
That’s why I always target kleese because unchecked he can really be a serious problem for your team

I think I one-shot a Rath without shields once with Thorns ultimate. Or maybe My Ulti and Benedict’s Ulti hit him at the exact same time. We were both going for him and I probably just didn’t see it.

Kleese has the highest damage for any crit in the game (from all the testing I’ve done). His first shot will take off the shield, and the second IF critical could possibly kill you. I did over 2000 crit damage with him. Thorn will do around 1200 critical but much later in game.