Dying zeroes out your mayhem setting for loot

If you go down, even if you immediately get back up via second wind or guardian angel, your looting immediately drops to non-mayhem levels. This is easily seen and repeatable by looking at the amount of cash you pick up from downed enemies or from cash boxes before and after you go down.

Feel free to test it yourself.


I thought something weird was going on there… I remember grabbing cash from boxes and they gave what I thought was appropriate amounts for the level I was playing, but then they inexplicably started giving out old familiar (non-mayhem) values.

Apparently this bug also affects XP earned, and also apparently Moze getting in and out of IB does this too (haven’t tested myself yet.)

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This isn’t really that surprising. This game is utterly broken. I don’t even have the will or interest to test it myself. GB should have been testing it. Not me after I spent 100 dollars and countless hours playing already.


This is why you play with the Rogue Alice modifier on…

This is just sad.

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Something I had not noticed. Did you figure when your looting level resets?

Reread my post. “immediately”.

What i tried to say…do you have to quit and restart the game to be refarming at your Mayhem level? Also, I’ve died, got second wind, and apparently got appropriate mayhem level gear to drop after wards but I must admit I don’t really know how to tell for certain.

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This game is beyond broken lol.

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To get proper mayhem level back, reload the level, either by quitting/restarting, or resetting the mayhem level off/down and back to the desired level.


You can tell because a single cash box or wad of cash from any downed enemy is consistent with your character level and mayhem level. These “wads” as I call them, can come either singly, or in multiples of 3.

With no loot modifiers like those found on artifacts or character builds or whatever:

At level 57, with no mayhem level, that will be 3194 or 9582 (3194x3).
At level 57 and mayhem 4, that will be 5749 or 17247 (5749x3).
At level 57 and mayhem 6, that will be 7026 or 21078 (7026x3).

Note that it is possible, when killing many enemies or bosses or other “chaotic” situations, cash wads can also drop as a single bill ($1) or stacks of these grouped together as the system apparently tries to keep up or wads drop close together or whatever. I can’t control all that adequately to suss out all the rules involved, but can easily and consistently replicate looting a single cash box or picking up a drop from a single downed enemy…and these always scale with the character level, mayhem level, and whether or not you have gone down at any point during the current instance of that map.


For Level 57 Mayhem 10, 9582 or 28746.

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I am amazed that more people aren’t commenting on this, it’s a huge problem if it’s happening to everyone…


I guess the question then is, IS it happening to everyone, or just me? Has anyone else tested it? :slight_smile:

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Yeah…it is happening to me as well, Tested it last night after reading this post . Also tested the IB on moze and it too does reset the lvl to 0.

I’ll have to test this out myself. I use Moze to hunt Cap. Traunt, and I always jump into and out of IB for Maximum Effort!

While I do occasionally get some sub-Mlevel drops, I get, what I thought were, M10 appropriate Kaosons. So maybe not every drop? But then, maybe I haven’t actually found a M10 Kaoson because of this!

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Unfortunately, weapon stats are not consistent by level/mayhem setting, and so are not an ideal gauge.

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Yep. I was farming Amach the other day for the Unseen Threat on M10 and was getting them with anywhere from 15k to 25k damage.

I tested it by what money I got from the safes and such. On m8 I got 8304 and after using IB I got
3194 which is base for money piles.

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