Dynamic HUD icons for legendary effects

While I know this is most likely not a thing which will come as it’s a relatively small thing which may very well require a relatively high workload and a lot of players might find it excessive, I’d still like to discuss it; gear-specific icons popping up on the screen when legendary effects kicks in.

It’d be quite a nice quality of life improvement as far as I’m concerned. Could use the space above the skill-bar on the right side to tell when a legendary piece of gear’s effect kicks in.

  • Show an icon above the skill(s) which just got affected by the Firmware update.

  • An icon of Ernest next to the Burning Sunset so I know why he didn’t take damage from my ultimate.

  • An icon of the Hate Reflector next to an icon of Kelvin when the stun reflects back at him.

Many legendaries have effects which can be wildly confusing at times and it’d be nice if the game communicated when the effects which saves or screws you over kicks in :grin:


the biggest thing I want in terms of Legendary HUD effects is any stacking effects. Things like Vow of Vengeance or Codex fragment that stack attack damage or skill damage when dealing melee damage or taking damage, respectively. something as simple as little skill counters like what shows up in borderlands for character’s stacking skills

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What about benedict Hawkeye! Is like a sneaky skill for some reason…

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