Dynamic Series minimod for HW:RM

This is just a suggestion.

There was an old mod make by Alex Drake called Dyamic Series, the two mods combine changes how fighters and bigger ships fight, Both these mini-mods change the mechanics of how Strikecraft and Frigates fly around in Homeworld 2 battles. Instead of squadrons flying in then out in long strafing runs, the Dynamic Fighters mini-mod results in wonderfully fluid dogfighting with elegant curves and spectacular action. The Dynamic CapShips unshackles all Frigates so that they engage targets in all directions, rather than remain clamped to some imaginary ecliptic.

In Homeworld remastered the assaults frigates stay quite while guns start to rotate and shoot but the ship dont’s moves also destroyers and cruisers tend to do this.

¿If there chances than this small mod would be back?

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I don’t know where Alex is now, but I we collaborated on that quite a bit with him (was reading old posts :slight_smile: ). I am planing on updating my old MODs that include those modifications. (been telling people about this but people do not believe you can even do it on HW2 - UGH)
So YES,work that was done by Alex and others will be resurrected for sure. I am currently looking at the files now and they did move some things around but nothing radical. I might be able to get something small working sooner then later. (though real work takes precedence unfortunately)


the little mods came to my mind when bought hw2 classic years ago and putting a group of hiigaran flak frigates, the group was attacking standing still, and say oww my good, when they will move, only the turrets are doing the job. downloaded the minimods and like it.

Pre-ordered the remastered collection, man the essence of the original it’s still there i’ll liked it, many years waiting for a return of this game, somethings have issues right now, but that will corrected in time.

Remember than people was able to choice between using the minimods or using the combined mod, the minimod with PDS with it. since my computer not was so strong in that time, downloaded the minimods. ¿Still there chances than people will choice?

What happened?

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