E-Gun: point and kill?

I just did the ghostbusters mission on ultimate mode (level 53ish) and got the e-gun for saving the chick. I’ve been playing around with it on nisha, and… It’s monstrous. I dunno if it’s the fire rate plus the on reload hip fire rate plus, but enemy’s, even with shields, and poofing into clouds of space dust almost the instant it lands on them in showdown. It even instakills the weaker badasses if I’ve been in showdown long enough.

Might be simply the level, and getting an updated vibrapulse would be 2x as good, but I wanted to see if anyone else has had this thing work for them.

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Auto-Aim + Beam lasers are very powerful. And the E-gun is a very powerful beam laser itself.

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My experience too. Showdown keeps the beam right on target and turns enemies into 1kb download bars being uploaded on a highspeed network.

Yea vibra pulse is also good.

More like any Maliwan barrel laser: point and kill

Noticed this as well. It always seemed weak with other characters but in Nisha’s hands the E-Gun melts. Still, it felt wrong to use a laser with the cowgirl :smile:

i said this exact thing a whle back. nisha and e-gun demolishes. Kraggons especially! it would be even better if it got some of the non-ele bonuses from a few of her skills but oh well, still awesome!

this applies to any beam laser