E-Tech Farming?

Which places are good for farming E-Tech?

Unless I’m horribly mistaken, with the exception of E-tech guns which are rare drops (or unique) like the Swordsplosion or the Yellow Jacket (which will either be boss drops or quest rewards), your run of the mill E-techs are in any wide loot pool.

I’ve found that usually farming Red Chests (Brick’s has been lucky for me) tends to yield good results.

That being said; I found my best Slag Plasmacaster in a trash bin…

Any place with a good concentration of red chests. I do Badass Crater and the inside of the Arena from the Torgue DLC (the latter after completing both missions there.) You should also get a fair number of e-techs from the Golden Chest.

If you’re interested in farming runs, check out the BL2 Loot Maps

Yeah, I know the drill : You want E-Tech, you want red chests. Honestly just asking here since it’s simpler than checking Loot maps, and there maybe cases where map doesn’t show true difficulty of getting to chests (maybe lots of mobs on the way, chest is actually on the cliff or something).

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The Marcus mercenary day dlc is a good place.
The two big chest after you kill the snowman usually have at least 1 e-tech it can also spawn all kind except the boss drops and quest rewards.

That’s why I mentioned the Crater and the Arena - multiple chests that you can get to quickly with minimal conflict (none for the Arena if you’ve completed both related quests).

There was actually a thread about this a while back, and someone had done a YT video of “no-fight farming” runs. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of not book-marking it… I know Arid Nexus was one of the suggested locations.

Edit: Thousand Cuts if you have accepted but not advanced “Rocko’s Modern Strife” is also good.

Seconded. There are also a number of red chests on that map, although you’ll be fighting off bandits, bullymongs, and snowmen to get to them.

The enemies in that dlc aren’t hard. The snowmen are real pushovers

Once the “get the key” part of the story is completed, the outer ring of the Torgue arena is empty of enemies and has 3 red chests. The whole run takes about 2 minutes.

Edit: slow ninja is slow, I just repeated what @VaultHunter101 said. Nevermind.

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What @VaultHunter101 said.

I’ve found so many whilst farming the three red chests in the Arid Badlands.

The word on the street (always to be taken with a grain of salt) is that one of the chests rewarded for completing Geary’s Quest will contain e-tech stuff. I’ve done that run a number of times, and don’t actually think this is the case, but there are four red chests as a reward, so your odds aren’t too bad anyway.

I have actually never done that quest. I really should do it some time, just for the reference…
But you’re right, four red chests gives good odds of rolling an e-tech or two.

Hm, don’t remember train being that good, probably because of the damn Spikers/Darts/Launchers I got in bulk. Definitely gonna do it some more, Arena also looks decent, will check that too. Thanks for advice.

Run through Hero’s Pass. Enter the Vault of the Warrior then step back out into Hero’s Pass. Quit and save then continue. You will spawn right next to the Last Red Chest. It takes less than 15 seconds to save/quit/continue/check the chest. Easily 5 rolls a minute, 300 an hour. You will get nice casters, railers, and that chest gives lots of legendary class and grenade mods too.

BTW, found that thread about fight-free farming runs - there are some useful videos in one of the posts here:

Nice, thanks for that.

Neither did I… So, it was a very pleasant surprise to get 2 PBFG’s (both in the same chest. Awesome!)
1 Dahl PC
1 Bandit Blashter
1 Vladof Blaster
1 Hyperion Splatgun

And I also got a L. Siren. All this in only 6 attempts!

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