E-Tech Launchers still spawning with Blue textures?

I found this Prazma Canon after the most recent patch, and it has a blue rarity texture rather than a purple rarity texture.


Were E-Tech launchers overlooked when the purple launchers were fixed?

Also, was the E-Tech barrel removed from the list of allowable parts on purple Hyperion pistols in the patch?

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Actually, no, it wasn’t. Find a e-tech tediore launcher after patch, and you will see that that, along with all purple-rarity launchers, have their appropiate skins. And yes, e-tech barrels are still in the parts pool for hyperion pistols.

Ok, so then how do you explain that purple launcher with blue-rarity skin?

In my opinion, I don’t know.

When was this patch?
To my big surprise I found a black Tediore launcher one time, that’s how I found out (awesome patch by the way). I also saw one with blue-rarity skin one other time.

It was released on 10/29/15

I likewise thought I had found a purple skinned Tediore ETech launcher before, but if so it was so long ago that I don’t have a screenshot of it.

As of right now, not only do all ETech launchers spawn with blue rarity material, but the game will autodelete any ETech launchers that are “given” purple rarity material upon launching.

Likewise, attempt to “give” a purple launcher the blue materials that they used to spawn with, and upon loading the game you will see the material has been converted to the proper purple skin.

I have not managed to find any non-elemental ETech pistols since the patch, but they are still allowed in game and thus should be able to spawn.

I’m just a person with an interest in bugfixing, and I feel confident these are bugs and ones that could be fixed.