E-Tech - Legendaries?

Simple question

Are there any E-Tech Legendaries? I have had a few Legendaries in my time, nothing like the True Loot Hunters, and of course I have seen plenty of Elemental ones (not as many as I would like, most of mine seem to be non-elemental), but I don’t recall ever seeing a Legendary E-Tech weapons.

So does one exist? And is there a particular guy/gal I should be looking for if I want to get it? (okay, 2 questions)

Norfleet and Longbow are both E-Tech and Legendary. There are also a couple of Seraph weapons that are E-Tech. Retcher and Florentine. And finally there’s one Pearlescent gun, Wanderlust. Think I got them all! :slight_smile:

EDIT: Forgot that there were actually two questions. Norfleet is dropped by Vermivorous and Hyperius (who also drops the Retcher, IIRC). Longbow is dropped by badass creepers in Caustic Caverns. Florentine is from the vendor in Flamerock Refuge, and Wanderlust is a random drop from Tubbies.


Is the Omen an e-tech seraph? And maybe the Stinger or Stalker (this is a pearl but still curious)? We need an expert!

[sarcasm]Oh well as long as all of them are so easy to farm, I should be okay[/sarcasm]

Thanks for the information bud, I guess I will just have to wait and see what drops as I make my way towards lvl72 and maybe even try out the OP levels.

Longbow might be my best chance once the current storyline gets to that stage.

The Logan’s gun uses the Etech barrel, so it counts as one, (Dropped by Wilhelm) The Breath of Terramorphous is classified as Etech too (Dropped by Terra…duh). As well as the Norfleet and Longbow mentioned earlier.

Among unique that are Etech or that have the Etech barrel: The Dahlminator, Swordsplosion, Omen, Stalker, Florentine, Wanderlust, slow hand and Seraphim. I may have forgotten a few.

Of all those, most of the good ones are quest rewards or Seraph vendors wares, so no farming. The only ones worth farming for are the Norfleet and Longbow. The rest either suck or require no farming.

And the only ones that truly behaves like Etech are the Norfleet, Florentine, Dahlminator, Wanderlust and Slow hand. The rest usually only consume one ammo per shot or have special quirks that make then not quite exactly like regular Etech.

Guess I didn’t! :blush:

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Wow, there were a whole bunch I forgot about. Thanks Chuck!

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Thanks guys, when Sanctuary goes bye bye, I guess I will try and farm Wilhelm and the Caustic Caverns.

Though as I am currently levelling Krieg, Logan’s gun might do me more use than the Longbow.

Is the Blockhead considered an e-tech?

Nope, No Etech parts at all.

I beg to differ. Logan’s gun is notoriously difficult to use… I’ve tried many times to find a niche for it but to no avail. The Longbow on the other hand is a monster. Hellborn Krieg can get a lot out of it.

While you’re farming the cavern, you can always do two things: Do the quest for the Dahlminator and Farm for a Blockhead. The Blockhead is not Etech but it’s one of the very best guns for Krieg. (You need to kill the same thing as the Longbow to get it anyway)

The main reason I am after a powerful E-tech is the damned quest after killing Doc Mercy

Being Krieg, I tend to hurt a lot of people, then Rage out and kill everyone, so considering my next quest is to enter blooshot stronghold, I still have the damned E-tech Rifle, and I am up to 4/25 kills with various E-tech shotguns (Splat Guns)

So I am looking for something with a bit more kick that I can actually get kills with, even 1 guy before I rage out will be better than my current record (After I got the rifle I have done The Messenger Quest, Taken out the Assassins, hunted down the Firehawk, done In memorium and travelled to the dust and done all those quests)

Any E-tech will do, but thanks to the Splatguns doing a lot of splash damage DOT, and the Corrosive SMG not seeing much action against so many flesh mobs, that damn quest is still there (the Assualt Rifle has no scope and is Slag, so great for starting a fight, but you want to switch to something else afterwards)

I have a feeling I will be on 24/25 when I kill the Warrior

Norfleet, Longbow, Omen, Retcher, Florentine, SWORDSPLOSION, Wanderlust

I wish they would make it an option to grab the gun by the barrel and bash the bandits over the head with it. I’m betting it would hurt the bandits more than shooting them with it does. That is one SERIOUSLY SUCKY gun :scream: .

The only real option you have is to widdle their healt down with another gun. But even that is a tall order, since the gun has a hard time keeping up with their health regen. If anything ever needed fixing in BL2… Yep! You know where I’m going with that one!

I really love this gun, used it in NVHM and TVHM, but I am currently Mania/Hellborn, and Explosive won’t proc setting me on fire :frowning:

I have passed up on some lovely Torgue Shotguns so far, as I am going for a melee/survivability bild at the moment, and while the Shock and Corrosive Splatguns are going nicely stripping shield and putting clouds of acid down, its either Melee or the DOT’s that kill them.

The trick is to use it only to finish off the bandits. You can use anything you like to strip shield and get their health down. Yes, it’s a pain to be constantly switching weapons in a mob, but it’s better than trying to tickle them all to death with that stupid AR. (Plus, you’re far less likely to run out of ammo in the process!)

Haven’t found one in BL2 but do have one in TPS. It is indeed tricky but, if you hit the sweet spot in range and have the projectiles detonating at your enemies feet, it can be quite effective. The most I’ve seen it used for by other players in BL2 though is regenerating rockets (with a Sham).

Farming the creepers is good - the Blockhead and Longbow are both great rewards, as you point out.

The Seraphim is classified as an etech? What about is considered etech?

Also, I don’t think anybody else mentioned it, but the Yellow Jacket is also a unique etech.

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Right on both accounts, I always forget that the Yellow Jacket exists.

I don’t know why but I always put the Seraphim in the Etech category in my mind…must be the slow-moving glowy projectiles. (And the way above average damage)

I had one drop my very first play-through. Took me ages to get another one - for some reason, I had it in my head that it was a quest reward rather than a rare DLC drop, and couldn’t figure out why I never got it! It’s pretty crazy; must try that out on the new Gaige.