E-tech relics on Vita?

Does anyone know if there will be a patch to stop them from deleting on the Vita, seeing that they were a paid DLC feature? Just curious if anyone found a way around it.

First, the E-tech relics are part of the main game, and second, the Vita version isn’t supported anymore.

Etechs are found in Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade pack 1. And do uou have a link to show it isnt supported anymore?

Does anyone know if there is any more DLC available for vita other than the ones that came with the game? Can I cross buy it from ps3 to vita?

Na only dlc available is what came out with the vita version. Tourge and pirates booty and uvhm to level 61.

I used to have a link for the old Gearbox forums saying it isn’t supported anymore. I had asked the same question on the psvita category on this forum. Lemme see if I can link it…

Here it is: Borderlands 2 on vita needs to be fixed immediately