E-Tech Snipers, useless in UVHM?

Title. I was a huge fan of the Hybridifcation, but I dropped it when I reached UVHM a long time ago. When I tried it, I did good damage, but found myself running out of ammo A LOT.

The Hybridifcation in OP levels is very fun though, and is OK. But without OP, meh. OP 3 Hybridification in OP 3 is good. OP 8 is OK. Etc.

E-Tech ARs are useless though. Which is a shame, because I love E-Tech stuff. But mainly Snipers.

Well when you think about it your going to lose ammo regardless and e-techs while they do have an average of 2 consumed bullets per shot, they have pretty good damage. I however still love e-techs and I’m on op8. Favorite is a corrosive vladof blaster.

I find some of the e-tech snipers are ok, but some of them quite frankly are a pain in the proverbial… The burst fire on the Dahl snipers (e-tech or otherwise) makes them a liability; Vladof are good. Is it the Maliwan e-tech snipers that have the ricochet effect on the projectile? I know there’s one type of e-tech sniper that does that, but it always seems like it does hardly any damage, and the elemental effect never seems to take hold.

Having said that, none of my favourite snipers are the pink e-tech flavour - they’re either orange, pearl, or blue+red text uniques.

Yep etech snipers suck.

Tell me they do a lot of damage and I say half that number and that’s how much damage they actually do since they take two rounds per shot. Look at it on a per bullet basis and the damage is garbage.

On top of which, their crits are nerfed. So yep. No bueno.

Backwards crit (which is a common thing among non-Plasma Casters appearantly) ammo hungry and not dealing enough damage.

I love 'em. They’re just ammo heavy, yeh. But heck, I had a Slag one a long time ago. And most of the time I didn’t even need to weaponswap to kill a bandit. Just fire and BLAP goes the head.