E-tech weapons trading

I would like to collect as many E-tech weapons as possible, trading these wonderful weapons would speed up the process . I am looking for help, if you would like to trade add me on ps3 gt: DRAGON_KILLER_57.

You should probably be a little more specific as to which E-tech weapons you are looking for and what level they should be. You might also want to specify if you plan on offering anything in return and, if so, what you can offer in return.

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Oh OK thnx

The E-Tech weapons I am looking for are most E-tech weapons but, I would not like the relics. What I am looking for are level 55+ . What I offer in return are Legendary and Uniques, all of the weapons have red flavor text with special abilities. I will try to update my stock very frequently! I have the:
Seven new item(s)! I will be receiving an overhaul of Op 8 gear shortly!

  • Desperate Flakker (Legendary) Explosive lv 50
  • Skewering Hail (Unique) Slag lv 50
  • Banbury Pimpernel (Unique) Slag lv 50
  • Corrosive Kitten (Unique) Corrosion lv 50
  • Explosive Fastball (Unique) Grenade lv 50
  • Skookum Skullmasher (Legendary) lv 50
  • Residual Fremingtons Edge (Unique) Corrosive lv 50
  • Practicable Conference Call (Legendary) Corrosive lv 50
  • Cutting Edge Bitch (Legendary ) lv 50
  • Feculent Chulainn (Unique) Slag lv 50
  • Restructuring Conference Call (Legendary) Shock lv 50
  • Order (Unique) Shield lv 57
  • Royal Deliverence (Legendary) lv 50
  • Scout Veruc (Legendary) lv 50
  • Patriot (Seraph) Fire lv 50
  • Hoplite (Seraph) Shield lv 50
  • Siah-Siah Trespasser lv 50
    What I want:
  • Plasma Casters
  • Blasters
  • Splatguns
  • Splasher Blashter
  • BlASSter
  • Railers
  • Hybridifications
  • Molokos
  • PBFG
  • Launcher
  • Topneaa
  • Breath Of Terramorpheous
    What I DONT want:
  • E-Tech Relics
  • Spikers
  • Darts
    I will also give away low level E-Tech weapons that I have no need for. The levels are 20-35.