[E3 2015] Battleborn Livestreams and Discussions

We’re bringing E3’s Battleborn demo to a bunch of livestreams during the show. Check out the schedule below to find out where and when to tune in for your first look at the game’s Story Mode!

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Update: The YouTube Gaming live stream has been pushed back to 12:00 PM PT / 3:00 PM ET

EDIT: Watch the YouTube Gaming VOD:

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Can you clarify the dates. Monday is the 15th, Tuesday is the 16th, Wednesday is the 17th.

The official Gearbox site is incorrect as well.


here is the first livestream Geoff Keighley interviews Randy Pitchford

@Jeffybug ug Randy talks about an episodic campaign of at least 9 episodes and that the game will ship with the whole season. Is he saying there will be more seasons or is this a way of saying the game is broken in stages and you get the full package ?

BTW. is a episode one stage ?

Thanks @redtwotwo. Should be all cleared up.

At launch, there is a full story - beginning middle and end - played through 9+ “episodes” (or missions, if you prefer). Many of those can be played in an order of your choosing, giving us some freedom in how those episodes are replayed (or expanded!) later on.

We’re not really at the point where we can commit to post-launch plans. However, if folks like our story missions enough, I’d love to continue further excursions in our universe. Maybe a full Season 2, as an expansion or whatnot. Right now, I have a timeline that outlines somewhere around 20,000 years of history in our universe at the end of the universe. So, I have more things to explore. :slight_smile:

For the foreseeable future, our focus is being sure this first excursion into the universe of the Last Star is as cool as we can make it.



9 isn’t a nice round number. No one says “ooh mission 9, this is the final level”. Level 10 gives epic finale vibes, 10 levels have been a stable of FPS’s since Halo (which you guys ported to PC).

First Killzone Mercenary having 9 missions and now this. Is nothing sacred?

In all seriousness, if you are doing DLC (it would be a nice change if a AAA game didn’t) I would much rather “big” expansions that have story, characters and multiplayer all together for a reasonably large price.

From my personal experience in much more likely to buy a $20 expansion than 5 $4 DLCs even if it’s the same content.

If I look at a games online section in the Playstation store/Xbox market/Steam and there are pages of DLC it reflects pretty badly on the game. 2-3 big, hefty packs which are important enough to get their own reviews on IGN/Gamespot etc… Looks much better.

But, market research probably showed the opposite so don’t mind me.

If expanded, will we be seeing missions with multiple outcomes? Like if it ends one way, it branches the next mission, but accomplishing some other objective instead locks us into a different mission?

Also is there any upload of the full demo yet? Like a full video demo like that 18 minute one done a long time ago? Or is that still coming?

Good questions Great_Gumby:

Missions with multiple outcomes - We probably won’t have branching like you mention it above, but we are working to be sure that missions are replayable, and that there are interesting reasons to go back and play them multiple times. I mean…you know. More than just playing them with each of 25 different characters. :smile:

Not sure about the upload of the full demo. That’s something Jeffybug might be able to shed some light on.

I don’t have official timing on a full VOD of the E3 demo just yet, but from what I understand, it is coming! If I had to guess, I’d say later this week or early next week. :slight_smile:

Edited for context.

Just saw this, though:

Looks like some play of the demo will be today at 5:15 PST.

02:30 :frowning: in the middle of my “beauty” sleep. work @ 05:00 in the morning :frowning:

Randy are you at E3 ? photo’s from the booth look awesome.
MORE: http://mentalmars.com/game-news/battleborn-at-e3-2015/

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Nice picture.


Not at E3 this round. Got a lot of game to make!

Hopefully, I’ll be around at some of the other press events.

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PLZ be at gamescom or ill burn my ticket :sob: (oh no wait then i can’t play the game if it’s there)

BTW. just see a tweet http://www.twitch.tv/battleborngame live in less then 30 min

Update: The GameSpot session has been delayed an hour. New times:

4:40 PM ET / 1:40 PM PT – Gamespot: http://www.gamespot.com/

PT 5:15 is in 5.5 hours from now, Mars. Sorry. :smile:

i just see the tweet disappear, now mr. pitchford tweets it will be in a hour @ Gamespot

Oh! I stand corrected. :slight_smile: Cool.