E3 2017 Discussion Thread

I think there’s a thread I’m missing somewhere, surely there’d be one, right?

Anyways talk about this year’s E3

Sony Conference was super disappointing.

Excited for SOTC (hopefully with the unfinished content but probably not) and MH:W which will undoubtedly be months of my life gone

Spider man, days gone, and GOW looks pretty but nothing im particularly excited for

FFXV fishing game so god damn upsetting.
Like really of all the things to represent you SE
you choose that? :unamused:

Wasn’t RP going to speak at E3?

Tomorrow I believe

Ubisoft was aight. Sony pre-show better than actual show

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There’s a link to an interview with Randy P. in the Brothers-in-Arms section. Segment includes an “of course we’re working on BL3” bit, as well as confirmation of a new Brothers-in-Arms game in development.

Randy also tries to explain why he doesn’t really want to tease anything until the whole game is basically locked down.

Oh, and a Penn & Teller collaboration for a VR magic pranks game. Sounds terrible!

No mention of Battleborn by either Randy or the interviewer (not sure I’d have let the opportunity go if I’d been asking the questions).

if there isnt at least a short advert for the BB trial
then i think thats it
you cant blame that on 2K
my fingers are crossed
give us somethin

Im excited for potential BL3 news as well but i dont see it happening

Spiderman looks like the best game ever made, godbless insomniac

Spoiler Alert: It’s been upsetting so far. Super underwhelming this year. Nintendo has a golden opportunity to leave a big impression to do something great but they won’t. Just my thought.

I mean, if new Mario is half as good as Zelda they’re in a good spot.?

Just don’t be like 2015… pls don’t be 2015 Nintendo

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That’s most of Nintendo’s problem though. They think, “We have a new Zelda, we have a new Mario. It’s going to be fine.” They settle because they know they have a loyal audience and the DS will still bring them cash. They never really blow your minds. What Nintendo can do for me tomorrow is release a Metroid game, the odds of that happening are zero.


Metroid Pinball 2

According to Bethesda what would be Skyrim, apparently

Outside Metro Exodus and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus there’s really nothing noteworthy.
And on the former I’m extremely reserved.


Full interview here:

Well… you got two

I got a logo.

Also DLC announcements shouldn’t be at E3, just saying.

I mean a logo is the same crap as a cgi trailer. But you got Metroid 2 remake.

Prime 4 isn’t going to be from Retro so… it may be odd.

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The evil within 2 and Wolfenstein both look super promising, and bethesda has been pretty good for me recently so count me in! Oh man the trailer for the evil within 2 is awesome, plus I think David Alborn is singing in it which makes it even better!

I know Beyond Good and Evil-ers had to wait 15 years for their sequel but just being announced, “Now in development” so that means it took them 10 years to just start working on the damn thing that’s why I’m angry at them. It’s almost the same as Sony announced a sequel to Legend of Dragoon being in development. It took them how long to make up their ■■■■■■■ minds and they let the franchise rot away like that? Shameful.

Despite my disappointment, I did like Beyond Good and Evil 2, Uncharted (already knew) Dragonball Z Fighters, The Last Night, Vampyr (already knew), The Evil Within 2. I think Marvel vs Capcom Infinite looks terrible, saw it being played last night and it is pretty bad. I liked what I saw from Anthem but Shadow of the Colossus does nothing for me, Far Cry… does nothing for me. Dishonored Stand Alone game, meh… all the DLC announcers doesn’t nothing for me. I know a lot of God Of War fans, I never played the series, I have no desire to play it even with the nordic influences. Assassin’s Creed is interesting once again because Egypt, that’s about it.

Nothing on the Last of Us 2, nothing on Agony, nothing on Final Fantasy 7 Remake, nothing on a possible Devil May Cry 5, nothing on Bloodborne 2 just a very disappointing year. Red Dead Redemption 2 wasn’t even mentioned I don’t believe. I know Rockstar delayed it but they could’ve brought something to be like, “HEY, IT HASN’T BEEN CANCELED.” Nothing that really shocked me this year.

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Look I’m a HUGE fan of that game aswell and honestly I don’t think they are going to make another one, people have been saying that for quite a while and I think it’s just overhyped rubbish. There isn’t really much need to make another one, they finished the storyline in the game, you killed a great one, YOUR JOB IS DONE! Frankly the only way I can see another one being made story wise is if you had to kill another great one, which would pretty much be creating the same game with a different adventure. Besides the game has amazing replay ability.

Sorry for being an ass there but my fanboy rage got to me haha. But I can agree on you with The Evil Within 2. I’m so excited about that, it practically made E3 for me personally

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