E3 2018 discussion

So here we are, once more, as each year. E3 right around the corner, the forums here still filled with a few veterans that can’t let go of the BIA franchise.

I am hopeful we will get a look at BIA 4 this year, as there’s been hints during the last years that the game is being developed in house by GBX.

Some hints were posted here on the forums already:

So let’s bring the discussion of E3 2018 here. If you find anything new regarding BIA4 leading up to E3, post it here! I’m slightly hyped, let’s get our hopes up and cheer for BIA!

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I want to believe but i don’t think anything is going to happen :frowning:

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thank you - may I ask, did I not follow a certain rule? or do you know something we don’t about this year’s E3 :wink:

No, it’s just that this isn’t any kind of ‘official’ discussion, and I wouldn’t want casual passers-by to think that it was endorsed in some way by Gearbox. It’s a long standing not-exactly-a-rule-more-like-a-guideline-that-only-moderators-worry-about kind of thing. Carry on.

(And sadly no, purple folk don’t get info in advance, ever. We find stuff out the same time you do. The only exception might be a short notice heads-up that some big announcement might be released to the public and to therefore to expect a busy forum, but it’s never specific, and very rare indeed, in fact, iirc only one time in the years I’ve moderated. And we wouldn’t ever pass that on anyway, out of respect for GBX.)



■■■■■■■ tell me what you know!!!

I will always stay hyped until the series is done.

I believe we are all still hyped from all the hints GBX had given us for the past months. Hopefully, they’ll released the trailer for the final chapter of Baker’s Brothers in Arms story since this year is their grand opportunity to show BF and COD on how to make a historical (and authentic) WWII shooter.


pack your bags boys, nothing to see here.

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That they aren’t ready to announce anything?

Ah, crap…
Cant say i’m surprised, now we have to wait another year…

Oh well, no big deal I mean it’s not like-


Got the same reply …

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Ofc they’re closer than they’ve ever been, unless they go backwards!

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The Last of Us in the Brothers in Arms forum…


Still trying to make sense out of it.

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Well it’s still titled E3 Discussion so I think it fits a relative amount. Unless there’s another thread that it fully dedicated to everything at E3 I can go there if ya want

I kinda just wanted to have a topic to centralise e3 BIA reveal discussions but since they announce some project 1v1 ■■■■■■■■ instead this topic can just as well be canned