E3 prediction e3

im predicting brothers in arms outsourced to another company with gearbox being a side guy kinda. not sure if you guys remember this but randy was talking about how they wanted to do it this way possibly

since their main focus is borderlands, thats probably what they will be mainly doing. but randy is talking a lot about bia so it makes me think we will be getting one. just not by gearbox

all I want is a new bia. I don’t really care who makes it. preferably one with a stable editor that has all the features to make additional missions yourself

As long as the devs have experience with RtH30 and EiB, know what makes those games unique and fun, i am happy.
If they turn it in to another FPS with barely any tactics in it, f*** them.

Don’t care who makes it? See Time gate and Aliens colonial marines.

nvm frick they didnt announce it

:frowning: another year patiently waiting

they did announce that Day of Infamy standalone thing though. as a WWII enthousiast I am very happy about that.

yeah insurgency type thing but in ww2 hope its good

Does it have any Singleplayer?

not sure but i would say no

Damn… :frowning: