E8Silicon's Short-Stop Trade Shop

Hey everybody. I don’t have too much time to play so I can’t make too many mule characters for my stuff so I thought: “Why not just put up some stuff for trade?” So here I am.

For Trade:


Targe Red Card
Gorging Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Grenade Mods

Spring Epicenter (Fire)
The Transformer
The Transformer
Storm Front


Berzerker Commander Planetoid
Berzerker Loaded Dice
Cauterizing Deathless
Electric Banjo
Fire Stone Safeguard
Knife Drain Victory Rush
Mind Melt Deathless
Red Queen


Stark ASMD (Anointed Operative)
Expert ASMD
Woodblocker (Shock)


Oozing Vigorous Roisen’s Thorns (Anointed Operative) (Cor)
Shredded Devil’s Foursum
Burning Devil’s Foursum (Fire)
Expert Hellshock (Fire, Shock)
Stark Sellout (Fire, Cor)
Unlimited Baby Maker (Shock)
The Flood (Anointed Operative)
Packing Devastator
Compressing Thunderball Fists (Shock)
Unending Magnificent


Arctic Reflexive Night Hawkin (Anointed Siren) (Cryo)
Expert Destructo Spinner (Anointed Gunner) (Cryo)
Searing Trained Hellfire (Fire)
Adapting Trained Hellfire (Fire)
Disciplined Vanquisher
Venomous Ripper (Cor)
Mocking Devoted (Fire, Rad)
Stark Tsunami
Synergized Bitch
Binary Destructo Spinner (Shock, Rad)

Assault Rifles

Lucian’s Call (Anointed Operative) (Cryo)
Engulfing Shredifier
Negating Sickle (Cryo)
Rowan’s Call (Rad)
Engulfing Faisor (Shock)
Hot Rapchury Sawbar (Fire)
Deft Barrage
Rebel Yell (Shock)
Reciprocating Try-Bolt
Striking Warlord


Cash-Infused Brainstormer (Anointed Operative) (Shock)
Expert Kill-o’-the-Wisp (Shock)
Double-Penetrating Redline (Cor)
Abundant Expert Trevinator (Cryo, Shock)
Rad Polybius (Rad)
Abundant Projectile Recursion (Fire, Cryo)
Abundant Projectile Recursion (Fire, Cor)
Double-Penetrating The Boring Gun (Anointed Beastmaster) (Shock)
Iron-Willed The Tidal Wave
Burning Flakker (Fire)

Rocket Launchers

Stuffed Quadomizer

Looking For:

Anointed Operative: Cutsmans, Crossroads, Lyudas (fire)
Queen’s Calls (rad)
Purple Anointed Q-Systems with 1000+ damage

PSN ID: E8Silicon

What Op annointment is on that cryo Lucian’s?

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It’s the one with the SNTL activation. 9% fire rate and 23% reload speed.

I’m interested. I’ve got a corrosive Queen’s Call and a Shock Lyuda. Wish I had Some of those Q-Systems. I used to keep them around too

You wouldn’t happen to have any of the items in fire would you (especially anointed Cutsmans)? Also I’m sorry, I forgot to specify, I’m looking for Rad Queen’s Calls. I’ll edit my post.

I have fire annointed Cutsmens, but they aren’t Op. It’s the 2 cryo mags for 50% more damage after action skill

I’m interested and we can have a deal if RICH_RULEZ doesn’t respond with a better offer relatively soon haha


Anointed fire crossroads with Badass anointment. Nothing crazy, I mean I have stuff but not specifically fire