Each Character Needs An Intro Video

What I’m saying is, each battleborn needs like a video that shows them in action and show how powerful and useful they are.
Like for instance I’ll use Orendi as an example since she is my favorite.
Once you chose Orendi and video will pop up and it pretty much will show each of her moves and how they work and how much they do to the enemy.
And Nova will be the announcer and say something along the lines of:

Nova: “Orendi the 4 armed psycho with the power to destroy anyone in her way. Her main focus is her ability to use all four of her arms to cast devastating magic casting spells, ranging from hand blast (shows a video of her using her basic and secondary attack moves) to her chaos tower while will pretty much f*** up your day if you caught in her war path and then there is her evasive tactic were Orendi with use a burst of magic to hurl herself into or out of battle.”

Then they make some jokes like good Ole gearbox does and then she would end the clip with a random taunt.

It’s just something I think would be a nice feature to the game. Kinda give each character some life and excitement when selecting them.


I definitely agree. One of the great things about this would be simple hints to things, like for instance, i do not see a lot of orendis using orendi properly. Orendi is like a string of curses, she’s all about using your abilities to deal tons of damage, and use your main atks to annoy people or finish them off. Most people try to use her main atks as her primary function, and end up being the worst player on the team.

If nova simply said in that video “has the ability to string skills together in deadly combos” then we’d have a lot more people who understand orendi.


Just to make your day:

I Could go on, but I will end with the nice trailer music one for T.V. commercials:


Thanks toby! These are perfect! Now they just need to add them in the game and we would be set. Cause I dint wanna go to youtube to see the skills in actions. Would like to have it in game so I can watch it and them play as them!
On another note. You’re a peguin…how are you typing?
Ha jokes.

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Love that trailer :grin: